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Help Center

Email Management

Adjust the types of emails from CareerBuilder and make them more relevant and useful to you and your job search. You can:

  • Manage Job Recommendation Emails
  • Unsubscribe from Talent Network Emails
  • Stop receiving Spam that may not be from CareerBuilder
  • Make your resumes public or private. If your resume is public, employers can search for you in our database based on your experience, education and skills.

Password Issues

Protect your account with just one password, and use it to change your profile settings. Please note:

  • Temporary passwords expire 48 hours after they are generated.
  • General errors occur when manually typing the reset code, try cutting and pasting the password from the reset email.
  • Check that a second reset password was not generated and sent.
  • If problems continue, request another reset code or email customer service.
  • Some jobs require candidates to register on their company's external website. Creation of a username and password may be needed and is not associated with CareerBuilder credentials.