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Employer Quick Look

Suttle and King

Sales - Marketing, Advertising
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At Suttle and King we dedicate our time
to bringing our clients quality. By representing them with the greatest
levels of integrity, professionalism, and ambition we are able to grow not only
their target market, but also provide them with the increase in profits
they desire. Our committed and goal-oriented team share the same objective as
our clients, and that is to expand into new and exciting markets to continue
growing their market share at a consistent and productive rate.

Career Opportunities
At Suttle and King we strive for excellence and to give our clients results. We know that can only be achieved one way and that is by representing them with a great team. This is why we look for one of two kinds of individuals.
  1. A motivated individual looking for experience to build their resume. We have a fun, but an intense environment, which allows individuals to grow professionally very quickly. By teaching them leadership and coaching skills allows them to get a jump start for their dream job. 
  2. An individual with an entrepreneurial mindset and wants a career in coaching and leadership. By gaining the skills taught at Suttle and King these individuals are able to grow within our business quickly and fill the needs of our clients in regards to expansion to new markets.
Our Mission
To continue putting our employees and our clients in a position to grow at a rapid pace. We'll do this by providing training to our team in all aspects of sales and direct marketing; while at the same time teaching them necessary tools to grow into a leadership position. By combining these skills and working with the greatest levels of integrity, we will grow our clients' name and reputation nationally. This will give us opportunities to explore newer markets, which provides our team and clients with the two things they ultimately seek for from us:

  • Results
  • Growth.
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1719 Route 10 Suite 112
Parsippany,NJ 07054