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Employer Quick Look

Penn Global Marketing


Penn Global Marketing (PGM) is based outside St. Louis, in Town & Country, MO., and operates in 43 states and DC. Our mission is focused on people, both our clients and our career representatives. Without each of these groups, what would we stand for? You will see on our timeline a unique chronology; not one of corporate growth but rather one of our leadership development. Year after year, we are able to attract and develop ambitious people with diverse backgrounds. Each of these leaders represent scores of sales professionals and thousands of clients who have and are benefitting from our company. We welcome you to explore these pages but more importantly, encourage you to visit with one of our people in person.

Career Opportunities

Out of the seeds of ambition and independence in 2012, a new company vision was created and initiated. Penn Global Marketing (PGM) was formed on the premise that leaders are developed with constant training, support and encouragement. Our history dates back many decades.

In the beginning, it was 1975 when a young man, age 25, named Steve Gaffney was not being motivated with his job at a plastics factory in Saint Charles, Il. He saw an ad in the newspaper which read “busy executive looking for help” and that was the beginning of a success story which has touched so many lives. Mr. Gaffney’s journey began in Illinois and over time migrated to Washington, DC and eventually settling in St. Louis, MO. where PGM’s headquarters are located. Along the journey, Mr. Gaffney developed successful sales teams and a generation of leaders evolved. Today, PGM has 9 regions and the leadership of these groups has been together for over 400 years.

Mission Statement
  • We are in business to provide great value in products and quality service to our clients.
  • But just as importantly, we are here to enhance the lives of our people, not only financially, but spiritually and intellectually. If our people don't become better parents, spouses and citizens, we fail.
  • We believe in upward mobility based on ability and the premise that you are in business for yourself but not by yourself.