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MGA Business Consulting

Consulting, Sales - Marketing
HQ: Phoenix, AZ   |   < 100 employees  |  
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1/30/2020 - 2020 Travel Announcement
In just a few days, the MGA Business Consulting management team will be heading to our first conference of the year! Find out where we'll be traveling to in our announcement video on YouTube.
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12/26/2019 - What A Year!
2019 has been an incredible year for the MGA Business Consulting team. It was filled with team night fun, plenty of travel destinations, and of course, networking opportunities. We can't wait to see what this new year has in store for us, but for now, we'll reminisce on all the lessons we learned throughout these twelve months. Join us in watching our recap video.
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11/26/2019 - Our Path to Success
Since our founding in 2012, we have opened our doors to any aspiring entrepreneur, and it is our great pleasure to say we will continue to do so for years to come! We have offered an incredible leadership opportunity within our company, that we made the decision it was time to move our office location. Read all about our announcement and our path toward excellence in our blog.
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10/30/2019 - A Weekend in Mexico
Our CEO, Andres, was exclusively invited to attend a weekend in Riviera Maya, MX, for our broker's annual Chairman's Club event. For three days, we wined and dined with the best in the business. His favorite part - the authentic cuisine! Check out all the fun he had in Mexico by watching our highlights video on YouTube.
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9/17/2019 - Interviewing Our Corporate Trainer, Tyler!
Our team members here at MGA Business Consulting are wonderful leaders and individuals. We want you to get to know the faces behind our company's never-ending success. This month, we featured our determined Corporate Trainer, Tyler. Watch his video interview on YouTube.
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MGA Business Consulting is a thriving marketing and consulting firm in the “Valley of the Sun,” – Phoenix, Arizona. We offer marketing & sales consulting services to some of the best and brightest names in the cable, satellite, retail, and telecommunications industries. In representing the clientele and brand we do, we take pride in our work and operate with high levels of integrity, respect and work ethic. Our specialty in a relationship-based marketing & sales approach means we're able to bring our clients a stronger and longer lasting customer base with increased name-brand recognition. Clients looking for professional representation with experience and expertise in customer acquisition and retention rates come to us.

Here at MGA Business Consulting, our corporate philosophy is to unleash an existing entrepreneurial mindset with the necessary leadership skills. We are a team “built for success,” where our renowned Management Training Program allows entry level candidates ample training within the marketing and sales field. Upon mastering these skill sets, candidates have the opportunity to advance into leadership and executive positions within 12- 18 months! In a short time span, individuals with exceptional work ethic and natural leadership talent will aid MGA Business Consulting to expand to markets outside of the Phoenix area. 

What is the company culture like at MGA Business Consulting?

Team Spirited -  MGA Business Consulting aims to create and provide a work atmosphere where every team member can succeed! We strive to provide office team challenges in order to build unity, while also having some friendly office fun!  

Positive Attitude - Here at MGA Business Consulting, we value a positive mindset and believe that great work and attitude work hand-in-hand! With all the career opportunities available and and a strong support team, there's always a reason to come to work with a positive mindset. 

Goal-Oriented - Our team members are driven and ambitious - naturally! The MGA Business Consulting team is determined and committed to EVERY goal we set, whether personal or professional. After all, we are built for success!

Entrepreneurship Minded - Alongside our continuous career opportunities, we aspire to provide an environment where creative minds can flourish and self-motivated individuals can reach excellence! Our team is filled with natural-born leaders ready to take on the world! 

Passion for Philanthropy  -  Have we mentioned our love for philanthropy?! With a competitive and loving team like ours, serving others is second nature! With bi-annual fundraising for international charities like Operation Smile, our goal is to continue to give back to the community.
Career Opportunities
Want a career with MGA Business Consulting

MGA Business Consulting is best known in Phoenix for their continuous training and leadership development. With a well established Management Training Program, MGA Business Consulting provides bountiful career opportunities so every team member flourish.

Every individual begins in an entry level position at MGA, no matter past work experience. The only thing that levels the playing filed is hard work and personal drive. Here at MGA Business Consulting, we believe every position is valuable and has a purpose and for that reason aim to create a challenge filled, collaborative work environment. In order to achieve our expansion goals, we seek to train and develop marketing and sales managers to one day oversee office locations outside of Phoenix! Visit our careers section on our website for more about how we are built for success!

Career Opportunities Available: 

- Account Manager 
- Entry Level Sales 
- Entry Level Recruiter 
- Human Resources Manager 
- Marketing/Sales 
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