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Meridian Staffing Services

HQ: Jacksonville, FL   |   100 - 250 employees  |  
Meridian Technologies solves problems. Specifically, we solve the kind of big data-management problems that cost companies time and money. We’re a technical-consulting, performance-engineering and software-development company that identifies, designs, builds and tests robust data-management applications. We’re not a big, lumbering bureaucracy who tries to make your problem fit a proprietary, one-size-fits-all solution. We’re like a precision strike team. Fast. Efficient. Accurate. Proven. And we’re the absolute best at what we do. Our customer-satisfaction record proves it.
Data strategy & planning

We start with a foundation that’s rock solid. And repeatable.

Whether you’re shooting free throws in a pressure-packed basketball game or kicking a last-second field goal, the key to success is consistency. Repetition. It’s not sexy. But it is effective. That’s true in today’s business environment too. That’s why Meridian Technologies starts with a well-defined, proven Data Management Reference Architecture. A consistent foundation for everything we do.

Our reference architecture includes master/reference data, metadata, sourcing, acquisition, integration, delivery and analytics of business intelligence. All the disciplines that must be successfully accounted for in an enterprise-level data-management environment.

Then we add well-defined, yet flexible, boundaries.

That, of course, is just the beginning. We also provide clients with well-defined functional boundaries. For most clients, these boundaries are flexible enough to act as a baseline. However, if a well-defined baseline exists, our boundaries add depth. And they accelerate the process of transforming application development into patterned, high-quality design and development.

And, just like the mechanics of shooting a basketball or kicking a football, our planning process is repeatable. It offers standard deliverables to assist you in formulating detailed project plans and execution schedules. Whether it’s in the functional, technical or project domain, our expertise will allow you to act with speed and precision.

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Staffing and Technologies

5210 Belfort Rd., Suite 400
Jacksonville, FL 32256

Telephone : 904-332-7000
Fax : 904-332-0660

Public Sector

Meridian Public Sector
2201 Wilson Blvd., Suite 919
Arlington, VA 22201

Telephone : 202-642-3447
Telephone : 904-332-7000