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Pharmaceutical, Healthcare - Health Services

Grifols is a global healthcare company with more than 75
years of history improving the health and well-being of people around the
world. We produce essential plasma medicines for patients and provide
hospitals, pharmacies, and healthcare professionals with the tools,
information, and services they need to efficiently deliver expert medical care.
We are present in more than 100 countries, with global headquarters in
Barcelona, Spain, where the company was founded. We are the world leader in
plasma collection, with a network of 160 donation centers in the U.S., and a
leading producer of plasma medicines used to treat rare, genetic and, at times,
life-threatening conditions. As a recognized leader in transfusion medicine, we
offer a comprehensive portfolio of products designed to support safety from
donation through transfusion.



Grifols is committed to maintaining an atmosphere that encourages all our employees to develop their professional careers in an excellent working environment. As a company committed to serving people, we seek to hire and retain the very best employees. Day by day we strive to create a dynamic, energetic organization that offers excellent growth opportunities on both a corporate and on an individual level.

Although our work is based on science, it is the people that make the difference. Grifols is built by the people who work here, which is why each individual plays an important role. We explore new technologies and search for solutions to improve healthcare, but it is really the commitment of each individual employee in their daily work that has an impact on improving people's health.

Career Opportunities


Our manufacturing employees
play a key role in meeting a growing global demand for our therapies.

All Grifols manufacturing facilities adhere to the highest quality and safety
standards because patients and healthcare providers around the world depend on
us. Our manufacturing facilities hold environmental, quality and workplace
certifications, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485, OHSAS 18001. These
sites are strategically located across the world to meet product demands. And
we’re growing—we invested 268.3 million euros in 2016 to improve and expand our
manufacturing facilities.

manufacturing facilities produce plasma-derived therapies for the treatment of
rare diseases. Diagnostic manufacturing facilities produce antigen reagents for
immunoassay, immunohematology and hemostasis instruments and reagents, blood
bags and molecular biology diagnostics products. Grifols is one of the leading
Spanish manufacturers of enteral and parenteral solutions in flexible and glass
containers, which are manufactured at our Hospital product manufacturing

Do you want to work in
state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities?

See what opportunities await you at our manufacturing facilities in Brazil,
Spain, Switzerland, the United States and Australia.


Grifols isn’t like other
pharmaceutical companies. Our products can’t be created in a lab.

Whether your expertise lies in sales, marketing or business development,
Grifols offers Commercial employees the opportunity to promote products that
improve people’s lives around the world.

A lot of work, time and
dedication go into making our products in the following divisions:

Bioscience: plasma-derived therapies for the treatment of rare diseases and
conditions in the therapeutic areas of pulmonology, hematology, neurology,
immunology, passive immunization and shock, trauma and burns. Diagnostic: innovative
diagnostic solutions and products that improve disease detection and management
and simplify laboratory operations. Hospital: automated hospital pharmacy
products and logistics solutions, intravenous (IV) therapies and clinical
nutrition products.

With product sales in more
than 100 countries, Grifols had 4.049.8 million euros in revenue in 2016.

And this is just the beginning. As one of the Top 100 Most Innovative Companies
in the world according to Forbes magazine, Grifols allocated 5.4% of our 2016
annual income to research and development projects in areas such as Alzheimer’s
disease and personalized medicine.


It takes 1,200 plasma
donations to treat ONE hemophilia patient for ONE year.

Our business starts with our plasma center employees and valued donors. Grifols
obtains most of the plasma used to make our therapies through our growing
network of 170+ plasma donation centers in the US. Plasma is donated in a
highly controlled, sterile environment; donors abide by strict quality and
safety criteria that include donor screening and testing requirements set forth
by the US Food and Drug Administration.

in our donation centers have an array of backgrounds, including nursing, phlebotomy,
medical support, customer service and quality and business management. We
encourage our employees to continue their education through our Grifols Academy
of Plasmapheresis and its partnership with College for America through Southern
New Hampshire University. This flexible program is designed for working adults
and is provided at no cost for employees who qualify for the Grifols Tuition

further their plasma science knowledge via the Grifols Academy of
Plasmapheresis. The Center Leadership Development Program develops donor center
leaders’ managerial and customer service skills, quality and business
acumen. Plasma employees are active in local communities via key partnerships, events and
volunteerism. To further our reach, Grifols plans to operate 225 plasma
donation centers in the US by 2021.


At Grifols, being a healthcare company goes beyond making products.

Grifols is dedicated to improving people’s health and well-being. With nearly
15,000 employees in 30 countries, our work touches the lives of countless
patients and healthcare providers every day. Since 1940, Grifols has
strategically expanded our presence globally and currently has corporate
offices in Barcelona, Spain and in 3 US locations: Research Triangle Park, North
Carolina; Emeryville and Los Angeles, California.

diverse corporate employees are the backbone of our company and apply their
expertise in areas like Corporate Communications, Engineering, Finance, Human
Resources and Information Technology to help our company operate effectively
across the world. We want you to make the most of your career at Grifols. We
encourage our corporate employees to be the best they can be by keeping up with
new technologies, methods and regulations so they stay competitive in
their respective fields.

Grifols Academy of Professional Development (GAPD) offers a range of training
and professional development opportunities to employees internationally,
including leadership and orientation programs. GAPD is also a learning tool for
employees to better understand Grifols’ mission and corporate values.


Corporate Responsibility
Grifols has always strived to achieve the highest standards of quality and safety in its products, and in all areas. The Code of Conduct summarizes the company philosophy and principles with the objective of laying out the organization's working guidelines. The Code of Conduct guides the way our employees handle any professional situation.
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