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Launched in 2001, Medix was built on the principle of becoming a leading provider of workforce solutions for clients and candidates across the Healthcare, Scientific and Information Technology industries. As we grow and evolve, we recognize our differentiation lies not just in traditional staffing, but in true partnerships and collaboration on hiring solutions.

We bring value to our talent by helping them identify their individual skills and aptitudes, matching them with opportunities to excel and creating communities where they can foster their skills and always have a trusted partner in their career.

In supporting our clients, we understand that each organization and culture is unique, and we thrive in collaborating with our clients to provide innovative solutions to suit their specific needs.

The root of our growth and continued success stems from not only our loyal clients and talent, but the dedication of our people. Medix takes great pride in our teammates and the culture we built together as an organization. We promote an environment that rewards the hard work and perseverance necessary to solve the unique needs of our clients and talent. The Medix family might span across the country, but our team is tightly united around our core purpose, core values and our mission to provide superior service to our customers.

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Why Choose Medix?

When you choose to partner with Medix for your job search or hiring needs, you can expect dedicated professionals passionate about collaborating to overcome challenges and set you up for success. But don’t just take our word for it! Over the years, Medix has earned several accolades for our growth and service to our customers.

Core Purpose & Values

Our Core Purpose
• Medix is committed to fulfilling our core purpose as an organization, which is to positively impact the lives of our talent, clients and internal team through employment, philanthropy and creating opportunity. We achieve this by:
• Ensuring our talent is placed in opportunities fitting of their aptitudes, skills and aspirations to maximize their potential.
• Partnering with our clients to understand their organizational needs and goals and providing workforce solutions that poise their teams for success.
• Giving back through philanthropy to strengthen the communities we serve.

Our Core Values
As we have evolved as an organization, we have uncovered four values that are the essence of who we are as an organization, set us apart from others and guide us towards our Core Purpose of positively impacting lives.

• Desire to Serve Others
• Willing to Do What Others Won't
• Never, Never, Never Give Up
• Locking Arms to Achieve Goals

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222 S. Riverside Plaza
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