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STC Direct Philly

Sales - Marketing, Advertising, Consulting
HQ: King Of Prussia, PA   |   < 100 employees  |  
Bulletin Board
3/13/2020 - Philly's Best & Brightest Company Award
The STC Direct Philly has been recognized as Philly's Best & Brightest Company to Work For! We could not be more thrilled with this award and have to thank our incredible team members for helping us reach this milestone. Celebrate with us and watch our latest YouTube video.
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2/20/2020 - Introducing Nathan
We recently started an employee spotlight series, and we have loved the results! Next up on the hot seat is our team member, Nathan! Learn more about him, his goals, and much more in our latest video. Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more of this series.
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1/23/2020 - Smashing records in 2019!
2019 was such a successful year for our team here at STC Direct Philly. So much so, that we can't help but continue to talk about all that we achieved personally and professionally. Take one more walk down memory lane with us and watch this video where we highlight a few of our best achievements!
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12/27/2019 - 2019 In Review
We have loved making memories with the STC Direct Philly team. Every year, the adventures are different, and we would not have it any other way. Relive some of our best memories throughout the year in this recap video. We're sad to say goodbye to 2019, but we are ready for what this new year holds!
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11/26/2019 - Office Scaries Featuring Frannie
Just a month ago, the STC Direct Philly team bonded together to pull a few pranks to our beloved HR Recruiter, Frannie! For a full month, we scared her and recorded her hilarious reaction. Watch how many times we scared her in our office scaries video on YouTube!
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STC Direct is a booming direct marketing and sales firm located in the heart of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We work with billion-dollar clients, focusing on new account acquisitions and brand recognition. STC Direct specializes in a hands-on, retail-based approach and is able to bring our clients, long-term customers while increasing brand awareness and customer satisfaction. At STC Direct, we have increased our market share by delivering superior results with a positive attitude, a love for the work we do, and a strong work ethic. With our fast-paced growth and expansion goals, Philly is just the beginning! 

We are an organization committed to training and developing self-motivated individuals while providing them with an opportunity to achieve success. STC Direct believes that building a long-standing business stems from team unity, diversity, and a common goal! The STC Direct team is energetic and ambitious; the passion for our work is showcased in the results we bring. In order to reach success, we offer a renowned Management Training Program, giving every entry-level candidate the opportunity to advance into leadership and executive positions within 12-18 months. The growth of our team allows our firm to expand outside of the Philadelphia area! "Discover the Direct Difference" at STC Direct!

What's the culture like at STC Direct?

Energetic - Naturally, the STC Direct team is vibrant and optimistic! We believe a positive mindset and a strong work ethic is what differentiates us from our competitors. We create team challenges and friendly office competitions to bring inspiration and life to a typical office day!

- Our incredible team is committed to the goals they set. Because our company culture is based on internal promotion opportunities, our team members are goal oriented and motivated to succeed!

Entrepreneurial - With our focus on growth, STC Direct aims to motivate and inspire self-driven team members with leadership potential. We believe in creating a work environment where creativity flourishes and where our team members can achieve their goals!

- Unity is one of our strongest core values at STC Direct! We are a team driven to succeed. We realize the importance of a hardworking, motivated team; that's why we host weekly team nights!

Philanthropic - Alongside our dedication to our clients and their customers, we vow to give back to the community. With bi-annual fundraising to local charities like Operation Smile, we are dedicated to fulfill our philanthropic purpose!

Interested in a career with STC Direct?

A career at our firm includes upward promotional opportunities and ample career growth for anyone! A career with STC Direct is designed to be challenging AND rewarding. Our business is growing rapidly with an increase in demand for our services from our clients. STC Direct is looking to expand into 3 additional U.S. markets within the next year. To meet this demand, we are hiring unique and energetic individuals in the Philadelphia area. Every individual will benefit from an intensive Management Training Program, where candidates are trained in all aspects of business management and team leadership. Here at STC Direct, our goal is to have our team members achieve success! Looking for a new career? "Discover the direct difference", and join the STC Direct team!

Career Opportunities Available:

💼 Marketing / Sales
💼 Management Trainee
💼 Human Resources Manager
💼 Account Manager
💼 Entry Level Sales
💼 Entry Level Recruiter

"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is a progress; working together is success."
- Henry Ford

STC Direct is a company dedicated to continuously train and develop our team members. We aim to create a collaborate work environment where growth and creativity flourish. STC Direct provides sufficient growth opportunities for determined and hard working individuals. Similar to the American industrialist, Henry Ford, we value team work and encourage individual achievement, too!

The mission of STC Direct is to represent our client's brand as if it was our own, establish a long lasting customer-client relationship, and provide a work environment where entrepreneurial spirits flourish.

🏢: 1019 W 9th Avenue Suite, King of Prussia, PA 19406

📞: 610-220-2429