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Senior Living Communities

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Senior Living Communities owns and operates a total of ten luxury retirement communities located in South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida, Georgia and Indiana. Our dedicated team members have a proven track record for success and know the importance of establishing a lifestyle that allows members to live longer, happier, healthier lives.

We believe the key to consistently offering exemplary services that exceed residents' expectations is in our ability to hire, train, and retain dedicated and caring employees. Our extraordinary teams dedicate themselves to their community and their members - their true compassion shines through on a daily basis.

Senior Living Communities continuously strives to build upon our already successful programs, activities and amenities. By allowing ourselves to continue to evolve, we keep our members fulfilled and our prospects engaged. Our number one goal is to provide an environment that encourages an independent lifestyle for all our members.

Our Vision

To create communities where people live longer, healthier, and happier lives.

Our Mission

To be caring professionals dedicated to quality services.

Contact Us
Home Office
3530 Toringdon Way | Suite 204
Charlotte, North Carolina 28277-3436
Phone : 704-246-1620