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Motrex, LLC

Automotive - Motor Vehicles - Parts

Motrex provides services to industrial manufacturing and recycling businesses. We
specialize in Finance and Accounting, Purchasing, EHS Compliance, Quality and
Human Resource Management, as well as Information Technology. Our
multi-functional approach enables us to exploit synergy potential and thus
improve the competitiveness of our clients’ businesses.  


Think about it: batteries are essential to life as we expect it. From digital communications, to moving people and goods around the world, to bringing solar and wind power to remote communities, to keeping networks running when the power is out, batteries power the 21st century.

Motrex is a global provider of stored electrical energy solutions—batteries, equipment and services for transportation and industrial markets. By producing, marketing and recycling the power sources that keep us connected, in touch and on the move, our people are changing the way the world uses and stores electrical energy.

Motrex is 127 years old, but we still think like a startup, operating with a fierce transparency, authenticity and a winning attitude. Newly charged with the mission of powering the world forward, today’s Motrex is the faster, more nimble, more innovative, more digital, and more responsive alternative for customers who want more than simply a battery supplier. These attributes also galvanize and unify our employees, making our Company the place to power a great career. In 80 diverse countries, Motrex offers opportunities across a variety of disciplines.

We invite you to connect to the power of Motrex.

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Corp. Headquarters
Building 200
13000 Deerfield Pkwy.
Milton, GA 30004