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PTM Corporation

Automotive - Motor Vehicles - Parts
PTM is a full-service, metal stamping supplier with expert engineers, state-of-the-art CAD systems and world-class tooling facilities.

We’re your world-class partner for all your prototype and production needs. PTM specializes in design assistance, prototyping, four slide and progressive die design/building and short/long term production requirements.
PTM Corporation has been producing metal stampings since 1972. Our expertise and experience is wide ranging, to include detail part design, prototype, tool build and high volume production. PTM has literally produced billions of metal stampings for our clients. From small clips and fasteners to car roofs and mower decks, we’ve done it all.

PTM metal stampings are found on an estimated 70-75% of all cars and light trucks on the road today. You may wonder why our clients trust us enough to put our metal stampings on such a huge percentage of their products. The answer is quite simple; we are really good at what we do!

We understand any metal stamper can bang out parts for you. By allowing PTM to design, prototype, build and then produce your parts in production, we eliminate multiple vendors, cut unnecessary steps in your supply chain, and most importantly cheat time. Bundling services also allo
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PTM Corporation
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