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International Search Consultants

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International Search Consultants is an elite group of world class Executive Recruiters specializing in identifying upper echelon professionals for companies in a strong growth mode, with extensive hiring needs. We do extensive work across the United States as well as on a global basis.

We are headquartered in Austin, TX, with branch offices in Tempe, AZ, San Diego, CA, Ann Arbor, MI, Denver, CO, and our international offices in Bogota, Colombia.

ISC provides recruiting services for 4 primary areas of focus:

  • HEALTHCARE EXECUTIVES (for Hospitals and Home HealthCare Agencies)
  • FINANCIAL SERVICES FIRMS (including Banking and Wealth Management)

ISC is passionate about identifying opportunities for all potential candidates, including a special focus on finding a wide array of diversity candidates for our Clients positions. Our team of seasoned recruiters are experts at EEOC recruiting protocols.


For Candidates

Send your resume in Word format to be added to our confidential database. Please also include a brief note on the types of opportunities you would like to be alerted to.

If we see a potential match for you, the recruiter will contact you directly and go over all the information of that specific job, and if you are indeed a good match and interested in the opportunity, at that time we will get you formally presented.

Rest assured your information is never shared with any companies until you and the recruiter go over the position in detail, and both are confident that you appear to be a solid match, and you are interested in interviewing for the opportunity.

Our policy is that we conduct all searches on a confidential basis, and do not share details with regards to company name until we have a viable candidate who appears to match the specs on the job search. Once we do have a viable candidate with an up to date resume, we provide all the information that we have on the position, including company name, and then together with the candidate, decide if it makes sense to pursue the opportunity. Only at that point would we be sharing your resume with Client companies.

International Search & Recruiting Services

We make it easy for you to fill your international sales positions.

If you are a company with a global presence, looking for candidates to fill your international positions, then ISC is the company for you. We are proud of our stellar placement record in meeting the needs of international clients since 1999.

Whether you are a US based company who has staffing needs abroad, or if you are a foreign company who wishes to expand into the United States, ISC can help.

Our headquarters are in Austin, TX, and we have satellite offices in Ann Arbor, MI, Tempe, AZ, Denver, CO, Erie, PA, San Diego, CA, and a branch office in Bogota, Colombia.