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Employer Quick Look

Genius Road, LLC

Consulting, Employment - Recruiting - Staffing

The idea? Create a boutique firm, staffed by recruiting pros, who took the time to understand more than the client’s open job description – but the essence of the hiring company itself. A firm that believed in going beyond finding people with the right skillsets; instead, identifying those with a personality and attitude that “worked” with the hiring company.

Today, that vision is a reality. With vast experience in building and managing large national client portfolios, the management team at Genius Road has delivered – matching the right people with the right positions in organizations of all sizes.

Although our specialty is the information technology and telecommunications industries, Genius Road has the depth and street smarts to handle most verticals. Genius Road, LLC is a MWBE.

Career Opportunities

We specialize in finding, qualifying and presenting superior candidates for our customers’ open positions. Painlessly.

Our process starts with listening. We spend time with you upfront to fully understand the job you want to fill, as well as get a real feel for your company’s culture and persona. Then, we cull through our extensive network to identify the best match for your open positions.

For us, it’s not a numbers game. Instead of forwarding you every candidate with potential, we qualify them for you. In addition to sending you resumes of well-vetted candidates with staying power, we also create detailed summaries that highlight their soft skills.

Our Values

If you do recruiting the right way, it’s a complex process. Knowing the questions to ask; uncovering all the potential stumbling blocks, and assessing corporate compatibility takes time and expertise. Even if you have the best in-house recruiting team on earth, some positions require the skill of a specialist who is 100 percent focused on filling your critical openings with the best talent out there.