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Professional Placement Services

We are an outsourced Human Resource department contracted by better to best companies to recruit on their behalf. “Only the best will do”. We partner with both candidates and employers to find the best candidate to meet the employers’ needs. This includes understanding the candidates’ desires and skills along with the companies’ position requirements. This allows both parties to make the right decision when making a hiring decision. We take our recruiting very seriously and look to unite excellent candidates with top notch employers.

We won’t waste our candidates’ time. We will first perform a telephone interview to discuss your skill set, your pay range, the commute time and your shift requirements. If all of these criteria do not match the position we will not invite you in for an interview. However if they do match the position, we invite you in for an interview at one of our offices and fully interview you for the position giving you all of the information regarding the position, the salary range and the employers expectations. If through this interview process we uncover that you are a qualified candidate in the scope of the position we will present your credentials to our hiring employer. We then request an in house interview at their location with their hiring manager. Once this process is completed we look to have the hiring employer present an offer to you through Professional Placement Services.
We partner with “Only the Best” employers and potential employees and offer three types of agreements. All of our agreements are designed for full-time, permanent employees unlike a temporary service. Whether we source candidates for contract, contract to hire or direct placements for hourly or salaried positions, we are unique in that we source jobs specifically tailored to meet our employers’ requirements for each position. All of our agreements are on a contingency basis, and we do not require a retainer fee. All of our agreements at end of term do not require a buyout fee. There is no cost to our candidates, and our employers are only invoiced upon hire. We offer a spectacular guarantee on our direct placement agreements.
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Akron, Ohio 44310