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250 - 500 employees  |  
By using best practices and optimal employee recruiting strategies, Kavaliro provides employers with employment solutions by providing the most qualified and professional employees, who can staff both project and permanent positions in order to ensure the ongoing success of all types of businesses. We use a streamlined-yet-thorough approach to staffing that saves our clients administrative time, resources and money.

Speed and the acute ability to match skills to needs are critical attributes in the staffing industry, and at the Kavaliro agency, we use the most effective tools at our disposal to meet your specific staffing needs. Cutting-edge technology, savvy staffing strategies and a national reach to potential employees are all utilized to ensure our clients get exactly what they ask for. At our company, anything less would be unacceptable.
Kavaliro was created out of a strong desire to offer staffing services that set the standard for customer service in the industry. After spending years learning the good, the bad and the ugly associated with the world of staffing, we realized we could create a company that could:

  • Deliver unmatched quality and service to our clients
  • Reduce overall costs by trimming back-office bureaucracy and overhead
  • Increase flexibility by eliminating unnecessary management protocols
  • Maximize productivity by allowing our employees the freedom to excel
  • Establish long-term relationships with our clients by building mutual trust
  • Attain a competitive advantage by recognizing what we do best

What we do best, as it turns out, is provide unmatched staffing services in the following career specialties: Information Technology (IT); Engineering; Finance & Accounting; Administrative & Professional; and Project Solutions & Delivery. By doing so, we help clients fit talent to task and help qualified candidates enhance their careers by finding the right jobs.
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