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Sterling Medical Corporation

Healthcare - Health Services
1,000 - 2,500 employees  |  

Founded in 1963, Sterling Medical is one of the largest providers of healthcare services to government agencies, HMO's, hospitals, and clinics nationwide.

Medical services provided by Sterling Medical have included direct patient care, academic training of residents, and advisory/consultative services.

Specialties in which Sterling Medical provides physician services include: emergency medicine, family practice, internal medicine, pediatrics, radiology, orthopedics, ENT, dermatology, anesthesia and psychiatry.

Sterling Medical provides service on behalf of governmental agencies, HMO's, multi-specialty clinics and private hospitals and health care facilities.

Sterling Medical provides permanent staffing for departments within clinics and hospitals, including emergency departments, radiology departments, pediatric departments, family practice departments, and OB/GYN departments.

Sterling Medical also provides locum tenens, or short term staffing for physicians in a wide range of specialties throughout the country. These services are coordinated by Sterling Medical's Locum Tenens Group.

Sterling Medical also provides high quality nursing services on behalf of medical centers, hospitals and clinics. Services can be provided as either an interim or long-term, turnkey basis.


Sterling Medical provides high quality nursing staffing solutions to hospitals, clinics, HMOs, and governmental agencies on a nationwide basis.

Nurse Provider Services

Sterling Medical has been a leader in the development of high quality nurse provider services, on behalf of both inpatient and outpatient treatment settings.

Nurse provider services are currently provided in the subspecialties of family nurse practice, GYN nurse practice and CRNA (nurse anesthetist) services.

For clients, Sterling Medical can provide high quality staffing by family nurse practitioners, GYN nurse practitioners, and CRNAs, or a permanent departmental or short-term basis.

For nurse providers, Sterling Medical offers high quality permanent and locum tenens service opportunities.

Specialty Nursing Services

Sterling Medical also provides high quality, turnkey nurse staffing for its clients, including operation of demanding inpatient nursing departments within medical centers, hospitals, and inpatient treatment sites.

Nursing services provided by Sterling Medical include Medical-Surgical (Med-Surg), Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Cardiothoracic, Neonatal and OB-GYN.

In addition to turnkey staffing solutions at inpatient facilities, Sterling Medical also provides short-term or PRN staffing on behalf of client facilities, at both inpatient and outpatient treatment facilities.

On behalf of its clients, Sterling Medical offers high quality nursing staffing solutions, with all services provided in a high quality, reliable basis, in accordance with relevant JCAHO standards.
On behalf of its nurses, Sterling Medical offers high-quality employment opportunities, in a range of geographical locations and treatment settings. Opportunities are available for RNs, LPNs and CNAs in a variety of specialties and geographical areas.

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