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MV Transportation

For more than 35 years, MV Transportation, Inc. and all subsidiaries, joint ventures, partnerships and affiliates, (or “MV”) has provided safe, reliable and affordable passenger transportation services to cities, counties, municipalities, and other jurisdictional entities, as well as for private corporations, non-profit agencies, and community organizations.

MV was founded as a paratransit company by Alex and Feysan Lodde in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1975. The Loddes served as the company’s first vehicle operators, dispatchers and managers in their efforts to improve the lives of those most in need in their community by providing transportation services to the elderly and disabled. Nearly two decades later, the company has grown into a the largest private provider of paratransit services and the largest privately-owned passenger transportation contracting firm based in the United States. MV holds the longest tenure of consistent ownership of any of its competitors - the Lodde’s remain owners of the company and are members of the Board of Directors.

The company grew from its paratransit roots, providing multimode passenger transportation services across North America and currently expanding internationally. The company’s rapid growth is a clear indication of its commitment to its more than 16,000 employees, its commitment to quality and its progressive approach toward passenger transportation.

With our corporate headquarters based in Dallas, Texas and satellite support centers located in Fairfield, CA and Elk Horn, IA, MV operates more than 200 transportation contracts across North America. In addition to operations in 29 of the United States, MV operates service in Washington D.C., two Canadian Provinces and Saudi Arabia.
Career Opportunities
At MV Transportation, we believe that diversity enriches our performance, the communities where we live and work, and the lives of our employees. As our workforce evolves to reflect the growing diversity of our communities and clients, our efforts to understand, value, and incorporate differences become increasingly important. Come explore diversity and inclusion at MV.
The success of MV in the passenger transportation industry has been achieved through constant attention and commitment to our clients. In building our company, we have made a commitment to provide our customers with the most comprehensive support structure available. As such, we have established a national staff of support specialists including Regional Vice Presidents of Operations, Directors of Maintenance, Regional Safety Managers, and Automated Scheduling Software Specialists. In addition, the company has established a centralized call center to better serve all of its customers across North America.

This highly experienced and extensive web of support proves our dedication to service quality and assures our clients that MV has the knowledge, ability and commitment necessary to be the capable partner it is. Together, MV and our clients achieve highly effective results. Our expertise in passenger transportation is rooted in the history of our company and our employees.

Most members of our management team, including almost all of our corporate executives, operational executives and general managers, began as drivers. This experience is irreplaceable in understanding the challenges faced each day by MV employees who are serving our passengers. This perspective makes us truly different from many of our internationally held competitors.
True to its motto, MV Transportation has been providing freedom of mobility since 1975. Due to our continuing commitment to our employees and clients, and our aggressive program of recruiting and retaining the very best transportation managers in the industry, MV is the largest privately-owned passenger transportation contracting firm based in the United States and is one of the fastest growing firms in its class.

At MV our customers and employees are our greatest asset. We have attracted top-notch managers who have been searching for a firm dedicated to honesty, ethics and customer service. We value and honor our people, they truly make us the best passenger transportation contracting firm in the nation.
MV has been providing transit services throughout our company history, beginning in 1975. We serve many public organizations today in ongoing paratransit and transit operations contracts.

MV is a professional and innovative contractor who supplies top quality, safe and reliable transit service for our customers at reasonable prices.

Approximately one half of our operations are dedicated paratransit operations and one half dedicated to fixed route/multimodal services. We perform maintenance functions in approximately 80% of our current contracts across the nation.
MV Corporate Headquarters
2711 N. Haskell Ave #1500
Dallas, TX 75204
Phone: 972-391-4600