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Grocery Outlet Inc


In 1946, Jim Read started selling military surplus for deep discounts and Grocery Outlet has been wowing bargain-minded shoppers ever since. Delivering thrilling deals has become our mission; in fact, it’s led us to become the nation’s largest extreme value grocery retailer. We offer brand-name, quality products at up to 40-70% off conventional retail prices.

Our buyers shop the world, traveling thousands of miles each year to find the best deals available. They have developed long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with thousands of producers and manufacturers over the years. Grocery Outlet buyers are experts at buying product opportunistically; that is, product outside the normal retail channel, i.e. packaging changes, product overruns, and surplus inventories, to bring the best bargains back to our stores.

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Are you in a retail company with no opportunity to grow or to really use the experience and retail management skills you have? Be your own boss! Enjoy the freedom of using your merchandising, creativity, customer service, inventory control and other skills to build a successful business.

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