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Welcome to Client Staffing Solutions!

Client Staffing Solutions, Inc. is located in Sioux Falls, SD. Our agency provides recruiting and placement services on a nationwide basis. Our recruitment efforts are defined by our clients' needs, with our distinguishing characteristic being our unique ability to match candidates with the culture of an organization. We provide expertise in the areas of Engineering, Operations, Quality, R&D, Human Resources, Sales, and Marketing within the Food, Beverage, Biotech, Nutraceutical, and Botanical industries.
Job Seekers
How We Work

Our team at Client Staffing Solutions, Inc. takes your job search very seriously. We know that searching for a new job these days can be very stressful. Our goal is to reduce this stress by providing key resources needed to find and secure your next position. At Client Staffing Solutions, Inc. we align ourselves with a wide array of companies that provide excellent career opportunities and great future growth potential. We have the capability to conduct an extensive marketing campaign directly to these organizations. We also have a network of 100+ independent recruiters that we interact with on a daily basis to open other doors and bring alternative opportunities to you.
We recommend the following site to assist you in your job search.

Directional Motivation

We have created a sister site specifically designed to assist individuals with their careers. Directional Motivation is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of clients by providing resources and training for career and personal development. Resources are focused on raising and developing key skills in the areas of job interviewing, career enhancement, and personal improvement through books, videos, and group training, as well as one on one personal training. With the competiveness of today's job market, possessing great interviewing and presentation skills are vital to landing the perfect opportunity and fulfilling your career goals. Research has shown that continued career advancement within the workplace hinges on further developing key leadership and management strengths. Directional Motivation provides assistance in all these areas. Resource topics include: Job Interviewing, Personal Leadership Development, Personal Finance improvement, and other helps. We encourage you to try any of our resources and trust that they will be of benefit to you.