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LJC Business Partners

Sales - Marketing, Other Great Industries

When LJC Business Partners was founded, we made it a goal to provide the best sales training so that every one of our employees can significantly improve their professional skills, and with time and coaching, develop the necessary qualities to help serve in leadership roles.

Our team is dedicated to maintaining sales success through systems, self development, goals and integrity. We take the time to invest in training and professional development to ensure the highest quality of personal interaction and customer service for our clients.


LJC Business Partners provides extensive training! 📚
Every trainer, team lead and manager at LJC Business Partners started as an entry-level sales representative, and has grown through the company. We only promote from within because we want the leaders of our organization to know first-hand about the challenges their teams face. The leaders of the organization value professional coaching and mentorship and the impact it makes on personal growth.

The management team at LJC Business Partners has an open-door policy and we value feedback and are focused on employee growth and development. We are always available to provide on-the-spot training and advice when challenges arise. Everyone is matched with a specific trainer on day one that will commit to spending the time necessary to help newer team members be successful. Beyond that, everyone has access to a team of trainers and leaders in the company, both locally and nationally.

LJC Business Partners provides a fast-track for growth! 👔
We have developed programs to help you reach your professional goals and build the future of our company.

At LJC Business Partners, when you develop and perform well, you advance. Our people advance within our company based purely on the results they generate for the business. Age, past work experience, tenure, and nepotism do not factor in at all at LJC Business Partners. You will never feel the boredom of career stagnation. You’ll always know where you stand, and you’ll always know what you need to do to move ahead.

LJC Business Partners provides a leadership development program! 👨🏽‍💻
We think leadership lessons are important for everyone, whether they have goals of leading a business team, a sports team, a non-profit, or even have no intentions to "lead" at all. Leadership to us is about making a positive impact on anyone you interact with, so we believe leadership tools are vital for all people to have in their toolbox. For that reason, we spend a lot of time working with each member of our team on concepts like servant leadership, situational leadership, effective coaching, etc.

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