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Employer Quick Look

DC Metropolitan Police Department

Government - Civil Service

One of the 10 largest local police agencies in the United States, the MPDC is the primary law enforcement agency for the District of Columbia. Founded in 1861, the MPDC of today is on the forefront of technological crime fighting advances, from highly developed advances in evidence analysis to state-of the-art-information technology. These modern techniques are combined with a contemporary community policing philosophy, referred to as Customized Community Policing. Community policing bonds the police and residents in a working partnership designed to organize and mobilize residents, merchants and professionals to improve the quality of life for all who live, work, and visit the nation's capital.

Chief of Police Cathy L. Lanier serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the department. The Chief is responsible and accountable for all activities involving the Metropolitan Police Department and establishes professional standards that maintain a higher level of integrity and ethical conduct than is generally accepted of others.

Career Opportunities

Become a Police Officer
Discover an organization with a renewed feeling of pride and sense of purpose. We’re building a crime-fighting partnership between the police and the community as we develop a new sense of promise and potential within our police department.

Become a Civilian Employee

Each day almost 500 civilian employees serve the Metropolitan Police Department in a broad variety of administrative, technical and operational positions. Every member plays an integral role in day-to-day operations of the Department. MPD actively seeks qualified applicants to serve in civilian capacities.

Become a Cadet

The Cadet Program provides educational and on-the-job training to qualified, recent graduates of District of Columbia high schools who are interested in becoming police officers with the DC Metropolitan Police Department.

Volunteer Opportunities
Reserve Corps

Our Reserve Corps Focus Initiative (RCFI) has become our ‘signature activity’ and has demonstrated significant contributions to law enforcement and crime prevention through the District of Columbia.

Citizen Volunteer Corps

The Citizen Volunteer Corps provides civilians an opportunity to assist with the daily operations of the Metropolitan Police Department.

MPD InternshipCollegiate Internship Program

MPD is pleased to offer challenging and rewarding opportunities for professional development to qualified college and university students.

MPD AcademyCommunity Engagement Academy

The MPD's Community Engagement Academy initiative allows interested community members the ability to learn firsthand about police operations.

Ride Along imagePolice Ride-Along program

The Police Ride-Along program allows residents to accompany officers during their tour of duty in a police vehicle. This public education program gives residents a better understanding of police operations.