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Webster’s Dictionary defines audiology as “a branch of science dealing with hearing; specifically, therapy of individuals having impaired hearing.” No offense to Webster, but we find that treating hearing loss is more than just a science…it’s also an art. Every day nearly a thousand people walk into one of our over 170 offices around the country. Each is searching for something fundamental he or she has lost: the ability to hear and communicate comfortably. Each loss is unique, and its treatment is equally unique. While not every hearing loss can be helped, the good news is, we really can make a difference in most cases.
Career Opportunities
We work hard to find top quality people to be part of our family. Our Patient Care Coordinators are friendly and courteous. Our practitioners are skilled and caring. We are vigilant about training. At least twice a year, we require every practitioner in our network to receive training from certified trainers in addition to meeting licensure-board annual requirements. We also have corporate personnel dedicated to monitoring, coaching, and training our entire staff of audiologists and hearing aid specialists not only on issues relating to the ear and hearing loss, but testing and fitting techniques, the latest technological improvements, and methodologies for improving hearing aid performance.
Our facilities are top notch. We seek to create an environment that enables great care. From the cozy waiting room to our state of the art virtual room where evaluations take place to the sound booths for testing, we pay special attention to all the little details so we can build professional yet comfortable offices.

Our state of the art testing equipment allows us to not only test hearing loss, but to simulate real life situations and measure hearing aid performance in critical hearing environments like restaurants, churches, outdoors, and other situations.
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