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Employer Quick Look

Hamadeh Educational Services

Education - Teaching - Administration

As a premier provider of Pre-K through 12th grade educational services, Hamadeh Educational Services (HES) supports tuition-free public school academies (also known as PSAs or charter schools) in offering an innovative, world-class education.

Home to students from more than two dozen countries, HES academies encourage students to tear down walls and build bridges, sharing and celebrating their diverse cultural backgrounds. Thus, students learn not to fear their differences, but to draw from one another’s strengths and maximize each student’s potential. In this safe and respectful environment, our dedicated educators lay the foundation for a lifetime of learning, inspiring students to academic excellence while preparing them for their future roles as responsible citizens and community leaders.

Mission and Vision

To create an academic environment that promotes excellence and prepares students to be life-long learners and the leaders of tomorrow: this is the vision of Hamadeh Educational Services.

In support of this vision, HES embraces as its mission:

  • To build and manage nationally and internationally recognized Pre-K through 12th grade schools.
  • To celebrate diversity, welcoming students from all backgrounds and cultures and encouraging cross-cultural learning.
  • To employ professional, certified staff who are experienced, qualified, and committed to their students.
  • To offer courses based on the Michigan core curriculum and the study of various cultures, with a special focus on the Arabic language.
  • To operate state-of-the-art learning facilities that foster a safe, innovative, world-class educational experience.


Hamadeh Educational Services’ open, team approach to decision-making fosters a sense of community, respect, and dedication among all stakeholders. Each HES staff member, regardless of tenure or position, is a valuable family member and an essential contributor to our students’ success.

HES academies offer a pleasant, flexible working environment supported by a friendly and caring administration. Our innovative approach to education includes shared decision-making, team building, Total Quality Management (TQM), and unwavering commitment to our students.