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Indezone Marketing

Sales - Marketing
Indezone Marketing (Philadelphia, PA) is the choice firm for companies who are in search of an improved customer experience, quantifiable results, and a cost-effective solution to meet those needs. Our approach is simple, yet effective; allowing us to influence the market rapidly. As business trends alter, our team adapts and executes to keep clients and customers ahead of the curve. Every player in business needs a team like Indezone Marketing in their corner.

At Indezone Marketing, we believe that success is bridging the gap between your potential and your reality, and we have proven to help bridge that gap for both our clients and our employees. We credit the success of our firm’s reputation to the hard work and dedication of our team. Our success is truly their success. By staying committed to the individual growth and development of each employee at Indezone Marketing, we are confident that our firm will continue to flourish, as will each of their professional careers.
Career Opportunities


Our philosophy is that in order to manage a campaign for a client, you must first have a thorough understanding of how our campaigns work at every level. To achieve this goal all candidates begin with field training. Here they will master the sales model and learn invaluable skills such as: strengthened communication abilities, providing customer service, time management, discipline, and face to face sales presentations.​


In this position we will focus heavily on leadership and management development. In this phase candidates are taught the principles of true leadership by example. The skills taught at this phase include how to effectively manage a campaign and sales team, multitasking, interviewing, training, and data entry.​


As an assistant manager candidates will be coached in human resources, administration, business finance, client relations, operations, and the general day to day of running a fast paced marketing company. This training is essential to move into a management position.​


Winter and summer internships are available year round. An intern has the opportunity to get all the hands on experience any other employee will have, doing everything from sales to marketing research. The high performing candidates are invited for full time employment upon graduation.

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901 E 8th Ave Suite 202 King of Prussia PA 19406