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US Magnesium LLC

Agriculture, Other Great Industries
US Magnesium has a unique operation, harvesting salts on the shores of the Great Salt Lake to produce primary pure and alloy magnesium metal, as well as chlorine, calcium chloride, iron chlorides, and hydrochloric acid.

US Magnesium has the capacity to produce in excess of 50,000 metric ton per year of primary magnesium and a variety of chemical products at a facility 60 miles west of Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. The operation is expansive, spanning over 80,000 acres. A vast solar evaporation system produces magnesium chloride feedstock for the magnesium production facility and contributes to the production of marketable salts. A series of feedstock holding reservoirs ensures the availability of raw materials for multiple years. A nucleus of chemical processing units concentrates and purifies the feedstock for magnesium production. An upgraded chlorine liquefaction plant and increased chlorine recovery allows for the production of liquid chlorine and numerous derivative products. The facility supports multiple fence-line customers and has both truck and rail access for global distribution of products.
Career Opportunities
Working for US Mag:

Our employees are dedicated to the success of the Company and have a clear understanding and interest in the products we produce. The work force is experienced with the majority having 15 or more years of service. Employees are involved in ongoing job training, education, skill improvement, and safety awareness to allow them to excel at their job functions. A significant number of the jobs at US Magnesium are represented through the Steelworker’s Union Local 8319.

Progressive improvement has been continuing over the last ten years and our employees have achieved a productivity improvement of over 30%. Safety performance at the plant is an important issue and US Magnesium has a safety record that ranks among the top one third of similar U.S. facilities. Employee safety and industrial hygiene are viewed as critical components to corporate success.
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US Magnesium LLC
238 North 2200 West
Salt Lake City, Utah 84116-2921
Phone: 801-532-2043, Fax: 801-534-1407