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Medical Sales Recruiting

Medical Equipment

The Medical Sales College is the only licensed and regulated college in the world with an emphasis on medical device sales education. We specialize in placement of a non-traditional candidate (no device experience) into the lucrative and exciting field of medical device sales. With more than 1,000 placements and a 92.6% success rate for our available student graduates, the Medical Sales College can make a dream quickly become a reality.

Mission Statement

Our mission at the Medical Sales College is to provide world-class education making our student graduates more employable while achieving a high-level of success in their employment.

Why Choose MSC?

Medical device sales is one of the most rigorous and demanding of sales professions… but it is also one of the most rewarding. As a medical device sales rep, you may be selling artificial hips and knees, the plates and screws utilized in spinal fusions, arthroscopic products used in ACL or rotator cuff repairs, or orthobiologic products that stimulate bone growth and healing. Medical device manufacturers are continuously developing newer, better, and more innovative products. The pace of change in this industry is staggering…

As a medical device sales rep, you will be interacting with a very sophisticated audience – namely surgeons, members of their surgical teams, hospital administrators, and other healthcare professionals. You provide support to the surgeon in the operating room – acting as an expert resource, offering guidance and counsel as necessary.

As a result, it is just not enough to be a talented sales professional. You must also be able to function in a hospital environment, you must be able to converse with medical professionals, and you need to understand how the orthopaedic implants you sell will impact a patient’s anatomy, pathology, biomechanics, and function.