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Employer Quick Look

Nucor Corporation


Nucor is a Fortune 500 company with
approximately 200 operating facilities, including our wholly owned subsidiaries
of Harris Steel, The David J. Joseph Company, and Skyline Steel, yet we have
approximately 100 people working at our corporate headquarters and surprisingly
few layers of management from the CEO to the frontline


Career Opportunities

AT NUCOR, WE HIRE THE BEST AND THE BRIGHTEST, then we give them the freedom to spot problems and solve them on their own. Finding ways to be more productive, we reward productivity with pay-for-performance, and weekly performance bonuses that can potentially double their take-home pay. We provide a scholarship program for every child of every employee for every year of their post-high school education. In our company's history, we have never laid off employees for reasons of not having enough work. And as any self-respecting kid knows, Nucor is a favorite of Fortune and Forbes, annually making their lists of America's top companies. We are highly ranked as a career choice with astronauts, firemen and cowboys.

Contact Us

1915 Rexford Road
Charlotte, North Carolina, 28211

Phone:   704.366.7000
Fax: 704.362.4208