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818 Global, Inc.

Based in New Jersey, 818 Global, Inc. proudly represents some of the most highly recognized brands in the nation. Major corporations outsource to us to represent their brand to their customers with a personalized touch.

Here at 818 Global, we focus on making personal connections with our clients customers. Our clients trust us to represent their brand with professionalism as well as integrity. They rely on us to always find a win for both their customers and themselves.

We’re responsible for market share growth and expansion for our clients in the New Jersey and New York areas. Our team studies the products, services and marketing strategies of our clients; then hits the field to aid in customer acquisition and retention for our multi-billion dollar client portfolio.

Because of our ability to consistently exceed client expectations, we have tremendous opportunity for growth and expansion in the upcoming year. We have proven that our top-performing team can handle any client and any market in the nation. Our team holds themselves to the highest standards of integrity and professionalism and has a reputation of being a team that clients can rely on.
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