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Employer Quick Look

Lawrence Merchandising Services

Retail, Other Great Industries

Lawrence Merchandising is a full service retail merchandising service organization with an experienced field staff across all 50 states and Canada. We are committed to increasing sales and profits for our clients by delivering in-store solutions for their merchandising needs.


We provide a Resource Center, fully staffed with knowledgeable specialists available to answer your questions by phone or e-mail. We create clear instructions and thorough training programs and documents. We pay on time and offer 401K to those who qualify. We know that by making your experience in the field easy and rewarding, we will all be more successful.

Career Opportunities

At Lawrence Merchandising Services, we focus on getting projects done right for our clients. We are equally committed to keeping things organized and getting it done right for our representatives in the field. We work hard to make sure your job is easy and enjoyable to complete in stores. We have a user friendly reporting system – you can complete your surveys on your mobile device in the stores or on your home computer.

Why lms?
All Retail Merchandising Companies Are Not Created Equal.

LMS is different from other visual merchandising companies.

We’re transparent. We do what we say we will do. It’s not about us, it is about creating success and value for you and your in-store merchandising. We get that… First-class communication with our client team combined with real-time reporting gives you complete transparency to execution and performance levels.

We’re realistic. The reality is that most retail merchandising companies, regardless of size, have similar capabilities. Our difference is how we put those capabilities to work to deliver the highest level of quality and performance for you. We get that…

We focus on performance. We take the time to understand what winning is for you. We know it’s all about performance, and that in-store execution is everything. We get that… And we sweat the details

We’re experienced. Putting our experience to work to deliver on your vision of success is what matters most. We get that… We’ve been creating value for clients for more than 50 years.>