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ATARID is the leader in creating connections between talented individuals and the companies who seek them. By offering hiring companies a range of custom recruiting services, we can work within the corporation's budget, timelines and hiring parameters.

Retained Search
Talented people are often working for someone else and not actively looking for their next job; as they are too busy doing a good job for their employer. And you want to hire them precisely for this reason! So-called "passive candidates"​ make up 80-90% of the workforce. Finding them and recruiting them takes expertise and the services of a recruiter that specializes in key market sectors. Retained Search is the perfect solution for companies who need executive level personnel possessing skills and experience deemed key to company success. Advantages of a Retained Search are considerable as they are given priority status with one or more recruitment consultants dedicated solely to the project. Head hunting is often a feature of the assignment as is the identification, pursuit and recruitment of "passive candidates;"​ a task that takes considerable skill, tact and research on the part of ATARID. Since the best candidates are working and are not actively seeking a new position, we take a proactive approach and use direct recruiting methods to identify, contact and promote the benefits of considering the position to be filled.

Contingency Search
Fees for contingency searches are usually lower than Retained Search, though this can vary depending on the specific talent being recruited, the location and the number of positions being filled. ATARID’s fees are competitive and include guarantee periods on candidates successfully placed.