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Anderson Sales & Management

Sales - Marketing, Consulting, Advertising
HQ: Birmingham, AL   |   < 100 employees  |  
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1/27/2023 - 2022 Recap
Anderson Sales and Management had a great year last year. We treasure the memories we've made by taking team trips, attending conferences, and traveling together. Watch our 2022 recap here!
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12/17/2022 - R&R Trip Recap
We appreciate the time to get away and relax! Anderson Sales and Management recently took a trip to Cabo, San Lucas, for some much-needed R&R. Take a look at our trip highlights!
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11/16/2022 - National Conference 2022 in Dallas, Texas
Earlier this year, the Anderson and Sales Management team went to Dallas, Texas for the highly anticipated National Conference 2022! We have implemented what we learned in our work, and we see the results. Check out our conference highlights here.
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7/15/2022 - Learn More About Us
Anderson Sales & Management is a sales & leadership development firm aiming to help our clients expand their brand. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for future updates!
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Our Company
Located in Birmingham, AL, Anderson Sales & Management is building a lasting and profitable relationship for our leading telecommunication service clients through the original form of marketing and sales: face-to-face. When speed-to-market is a top priority, Anderson Sales & Management and our organization can effectively mobilize a local, regional, national, or international sales and marketing force faster than it would take our billion-dollar clients to develop their internal teams. In addition to providing a unique solution to client acquisitions, our organization is a much more cost-effective and profitable form than traditional sales, advertising, and marketing methods. We increase our clients' revenue and market share while lowering their overhead.

Our mission at Anderson Sales & Management is to express our integrity, clear vision, and ability to think big and outside the box by being committed to ongoing professional and personal development. We will maintain an optimistic attitude by having a clear and concise idea of our vision and turn ideas and dreams into actions and results. Anderson Sales & Management will develop individuals into exceptional leaders and our company into an extraordinary organization. 

Our Culture
Characteristics of our culture:

👉 Our team at Anderson Sales & Management is comprised of a diverse group of individuals with common goals. By hiring people from all backgrounds varying levels of experience and education, we feel that we are able to grow quickly and with a great team environment.

👉 We believe that every member of our team is better at one thing than everyone else. If we are able to draw each individual's strengths into the group, we will have no choice but to improve.

👉 At Anderson Sales & Management, we begin every day with an upbeat, high-energy meeting designed to educate, empower and motivate our team.

👉 By practicing a style of management and leadership that is activity-based, we are able to immediately implement what we teach, allowing our representatives to grow and develop more quickly than traditional classroom or field training alone.

We are more than just a marketing and sales company; Anderson Sales & Management is in the business of providing opportunities to its people and clients for never-ending growth and expansion. It sounds grandiose, but that is our primary goal in business. We believe that opportunity doesn’t knock twice, so we better take advantage of everything we’re doing now!

At Anderson Sales & Management, we offer a renowned Management Development Program for entry-level candidates to grow within the marketing and sales industry. Based on the performance of every individual team member, we provide internal growth within the company into management roles. We pride ourselves on a comprehensive training process but offer enough room for competitive and entrepreneurial spirits to thrive!

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