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The Refuge

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Located on 94 acres in Florida’s Ocala National Forest, The Refuge offers the highest quality of comprehensive treatment services to individuals have been struggling with trauma, addiction, and a host of additional mental and behavioral health concerns.

The approach to treatment at The Refuge – A Healing Place is a long-term, 12-step based program that treats each person as a unique individual. We believe trauma is centered in the nervous system and telling the story in a nature-setting helps the nervous system process the trauma. Processing the trauma reduces the need for maladaptive coping mechanisms including substance abuse or process addictions. Through our years of service, The Refuge understands that there is not a single approach to trauma work; each person’s nervous system is unique and the path to recovery is different for everyone. We offer a variety of treatment approaches and methods designed to heal the whole person.


At The Refuge, we are always looking for talented and caring professionals to join our team! The Refuge offers competitive compensation, benefits and regular opportunities for development and advancement.

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The Refuge
14835 SE 85th St Rd,
Ocklawaha, FL 32179