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Paragon United


At Paragon United, our mission is dedicated to serving our people through training and most importantly development ensuring personal and professional growth. We are committed to inspiring our future leaders by providing coaching based on experience, and top-notch leadership that opens the doors for opportunities to work alongside our various clients. We understand that our greatest asset is our people, whether it be professional or personal growth we embody a culture dedicated to helping each other, no man left behind!


We take pride in our company’s culture which is why we maintain a balanced work and social life. It is simply not enough to spend part of your life with others but not know them on a personal level. For that reason, we take the time to get to know each member of our team personally and to make sure both professional and personal goals are attained.

What We Do

At Paragon United, we are committed to helping expand Fortune 500 client’s customer base. We are dedicated to building and maintaining strong relationships with our clients which creates lifelong partnerships and trust. We have proven that listening to the specific cares and concerns of each customers’ needs makes for a great start to a relationship and continued long term growth.

The key to providing quality service is understanding each customer and helping them out according to their specific needs. We know that every customer is unique and therefore every interaction we establish with them is treated as such.


Paragon United has had the opportunity to work with a mix of prestigious clients. Our focus right now is working with one of the largest energy suppliers in the country. Our goal for the next 12 months is to expand to three more locations, thus expanding our client’s customer base.

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