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Employer Quick Look

Project Momentum

Our history may be short, but our goals go to the moon. We are a start up company in SoCal. Our CEO moved from England to America only a year ago with a vision and expertise in the field of Marketing. Within that year has been building to foundation for Project Momentum. He believes in providing opportunity within the company for new graduates and professionals to learn and flourish in the marketing field. Bringing in open minds to the company produces fresh new ideas for our clients. We are consistently innovating the industry to provide the best and most recent trends into our marketing campaigns.

Our name, aside from being really cool, has a deep meaning. The word Project was selected because our CEO believes that not only is the company an ever growing project, but the people here are too. As we aim towards our goals we are a project continuously getting better, developing, learning, and improving.  The word Momentum because our growth plans are huge. To achieve our goals everything needs to keep moving forwards. In order to do this we need to attack each step with full intensity and drive. We are the Momentum.

We are Project Momentum.