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RJE Telecom, LLC


RJE Telecom, LLC is a company deeply rooted in the telecommunications industry, drawing on proven, individual careers of 25 years or more within their respective fields.

Incorporated in 1984, and acquired by Dycom Industries in 2004, our headquarters is located in Tampa, Florida. For more than two decades we have managed hundreds of projects all across the country. We have developed a proven track record in an industry-critical area: Meeting and exceeding client expectations on all types of projects regardless of size.

RJE Telecom, LLC offers comprehensive turnkey engineering and drafting services including copper and fiber-optic splicing, test and turn-up. Our past accomplishments have brought us to where we are today and will continue to keep us competitive in this ever-evolving, remarkable, telecommunications industry.

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Sheri Schneider
Phone: 800-444-1400