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When the phone rang in late-1967 little did John Johnson realise that the ensuing conversation would lay the foundations for a multinational, multimillion pound turnover business.

In the late 1960s Britain was a prosperous nation. Harold Macmillan’s comment of July 1957 that the nation “had never had it so good” still resonated through the collective consciousness of the people. The Beatles were yet to pull the plug, the Summer of Love was a recent memory, the Profumo Affair had rocked the establishment and Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were soon to land on the Moon.

Oil majors such as Shell were experiencing a veritable golden age. The beginning of the decade had seen the discovery of the Groningen gas field in the Netherlands, closely followed by the discovery of gas in the North Sea. Driven by consumer demand, Britain’s petrochemical industry was experiencing an enormous period of growth. New plants had been springing up across the country since the war; Carrington, Stanlow, Easington, Fawley were just a few of the new oil and chemical refineries powering Britain’s consumer boom.

Career Opportunities

In a world in which engineering is a truly global endeavour, you need a workforce solutions provider that is truly global too. In a word, Fircroft.

At Fircroft we place a strong emphasis upon maintaining a comprehensive overview of the global engineering and commodities markets as well as staying abreast of local developments that will give our clients a competitive advantage.

Accordingly Fircroft maintains a network of over 50 offices, across 45 countries, employing local experts that possess detailed knowledge of local regulations, legal systems, compliance and employment regulations.

Our multinational footprint ensures that we can offer you global power, local intelligence.

Recruitment Services

When the motivations and ambitions of an individual are perfectly aligned with those of their employer, great things can happen.

The greatest technical and engineering projects have been realised thanks to the skills, experience and determination of these individuals.

Every hire is important.

So, when you're looking to recruit a new contractor or member of staff to help your business achieve great things, it's imperative that you hire the right person.