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Employer Quick Look

Panna Knows LLC

Employment - Recruiting - Staffing

Panna Knows LLC works with talent acquisition teams in high-growth organizations to create structure and sustainable strategies for recruiting and hiring, as well as coach recruiting professionals and their leaders. By creating a repeatable and proactive hiring engine, our clients save valuable time and money over the long term and can more easily track trends and measure ROI.

Award-winning talent acquisition strategists and coaches, Panna Knows has 20+ years of experience in recruiting and hiring operations, in diverse environments and various industries.

Our Mission

Panna Knows is a recruitment strategy consulting and coaching service partnering with busy and overwhelmed Talent Acquisition teams, to establish best practices from attraction to retention. When taking a step back to go forward seems impossible, we will work with your team to design and implement the best possible experience for your applicants and future employees.

Our Vision

Panna Knows was born from the demand for recruiters and companies alike to stand out from others in the world of recruitment and hiring. Today, candidates and employees have choices. We as recruiters need to be at our best in every stage of the recruiting lifecycle, from attraction to retention. Panna Knows brings the strategy and the methodology Talent Acquisition teams need to set themselves apart from their competition. We have a drive to create the best possible experience for our clients to attract top talent and meet their business objectives.