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Consumer Products, Sales - Marketing, Retail
HQ: Raleigh, NC   |   < 100 employees  |  
Acquire is the best in class full service marketing company that provides our clients a direct-to-consumer new acquisition. Our goals typically include restructuring loyalty in the merchandising industry; revolutionizing Fortune 100 companies marketing and sales programs for consumer loyalty, and representing the top brands in the home entertainment industry. Acquire utilizes teamwork to breakdown the company vision into separate goals and accomplish organizational goals.
Acquire provides unlimited promotional opportunities for each individual that joins our team.
Our promotions are based 100% on achievement and have no bearing on seniority.


Raleigh, NC - Oct 14, 2019. ​At the end of September, Acquire’s Administrative Team spent their Sunday out in the Raleigh community. Lila Miller, one of Acquire’s administrators, grew up in the Triangle area and has grown to be involved in the N.C. Special Olympics.

The Special Olympics North Carolina is one of the largest Special Olympics programs in the world with nearly 40,000 registered athletes who train and compete in year-round programs in 19 different sports. ​Miller suggested to her colleagues that spending a Sunday volunteering at the North Carolina Special Olympics Equestrian tournament would be a good use of the afternoon.

The mission of Special Olympics is to provide year-round sports training and athletic competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for children and adults with intellectual disabilities. This gives them continuing opportunities to develop physical fitness, demonstrate courage, experience joy, and participate in a sharing of gifts, skills, and friendship with their families, other Special Olympics athletes, and the community. Special Olympics aims to combine high-quality sports with a wide audience and be a driving force for the social inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities.

According to Special Olympics, the Equestrian Tournament encompasses several disciplines. Riders may choose either English or Western tack and enter the appropriate classes. Currently, Dressage is the only Special Olympics event that parallels FEI. Other events have been chosen to offer a wide range of activities that athletes can participate in successfully. Equitation is judged on the rider’s position and ability to influence the horse and is the basis for determining divisions.

We had the chance to sit down with Reem Al-Juraid, one of Acquire’s administrators, who shared her experience with this opportunity.

“The Special Olympics hits close to home for me as I am lucky enough to have an older brother who is severely autistic. Growing up, we faced many challenges as a family as we tried to make life as “normal” as possible for my brother. My family and I would go to watch the special Olympic competitions with my brother. I remember the atmosphere being that of acceptance and inspiration for the families and the athletes. On Sunday, I was on the other side and have my coworkers by my side. Little did they know, I felt their support not only for the N.C. Special Olympics chapter, but for my brother and my family.”

Grant Gulledge, Acquire’s Operations Manager, said giving back to his employees and the philanthropies they support is one of Acquire’s biggest values.

“Growing up my mom worked with children who have developmental disabilities and I always appreciated how much of a calling that was. I hope that in some small way that our involvement could help bring aid and much-needed attention to what is a commonly overlooked cause.”

Gulledge shared his team is excited to end this year better than they started with the upcoming philanthropy events. We are excited to watch their continued impact on the Triangle community as they head into the holiday season!

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Acquire Takes a Tropical Getaway

October 29, 2019 - Raleigh, NC. 
Once a year the management and administration team at Acquire jet off for a week of sun, fun, and relaxation. This year was no different and the destination was set for the Moon Palace Golf and Spa Resort in Cancun, Mexico. The ten attendees for this year’s Corporate Retreat had four days and four nights of an all-inclusive, luxury experience.

“I love the support that we get from our clients, which allows us to take these getaway trips once a year. Without the clients, we would not be able to enjoy the time together as we reflect on our accomplishments.”

- Rebecca Sampson, Executive Recruiting Manager at Acquire

The four getaway included an industry awards ceremony where the best of the best were recognized and rewarded for the year’s success. Sharing in the excitement with others has always been something Acquire has embraced. Over the years Acquire has received many accolades during these occasions. This year the spotlight was placed on other teams, but there was a valuable lesson to be learned at that moment.

“I think it is a unique but rewarding experience that we as a team can vacate together as a team. We genuinely enjoy each other’s company and we always come back closer than when we left. We’re very lucky to have that type of culture.”

- Grant Gulledge, Sr. Director of Operations at Acquire

Acquire is already looking ahead to the upcoming year with excitement to see where their team will be in 2020 and who will be attending the next retreat. The destination of the next year’s retreat has yet to be determined. However, one thing that is certain and has not gone unnoticed is the renewed focus of the Acquire team and their commitment to excellence. Since their return from Cancun, the promotional marketing team appears to be more engaged than ever and they are motivated to push forward into the second half of Q4 and finish 2019 on a high note!

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Acquire Attends a Leadership Dinner with a Local Legend

Raleigh, NC - Sept 23, 2019. Earlier in September, a group from Acquire was selected to attend a private, orientation and leadership dinner at the Oak City’s oldest, most beloved restaurants, Angus Barn. The chosen attendees would have the opportunity to meet and learn from the Angus Barn owner, Van Eure. Eure is arguably one of Raleigh’s most favored business owners and philanthropists. As a Raleigh native and local business owner himself, Acquire CEO, Zack Schuch was ecstatic about the invitation and a chance to hear directly from a local figure whom he has always heard about and looked up to.

For 60 years, the family-owned and operated restaurant, Angus Barn has been a Raleigh staple. It should come as no surprise that Angus Barn is known for its exquisite dining selections, but is also known for the lasting impression the entire staff makes on each guest. However, most do not realize that everything they love about Angus Barn is a trickle-down effect from the management style and business philosophies of the owner, Van Eure.

Eure’s agenda for the evening was to welcome all attendees into the Angus Barn family while also recognizing new and some veteran Angus Barn employees by applauding them for a job well done. As the night went on, dinner was served and Eure began a presentation that showcased everything from her personal background to her vigorous, multi-step employee vetting process. With intent behind each word, Eure had the Acquire team’s full attention throughout the dinner and presentation. While in awe of her spectacular business model and the way she connected with each guest that evening, the Acquire attendees recognized how similar her philosophies are to Acquire’s.

“During our time with Van, we genuinely admired her for giving full transparency into her style of managing, business beliefs, and vetting process. There are many ways in which our philosophies align with Van’s and her transparency is one of them. At Acquire, my business partner, Grant and I want our staff to know they can come to us at any time with any questions or concerns they may have. We call this our open-door policy and we encourage our employees to utilize it so we can maintain full transparency, which allows us to work better as a team for the customer and client. Our open-door policy also allows us to learn from our employees by making improvements from the feedback they provide. This is just one of the many similarities between the business philosophies behind Acquire and Angus Barn.”

- Zack Schuch, Acquire CEO

In addition to Eure’s transparency, the way in which Angus Barn conducts its employee vetting process closely resembles that of Acquire’s. Both businesses implement a multi-step interview process to ensure each hired applicant is a great fit all-around. When explaining the process, Eure stated, “I have a firm philosophy that you hire to take your business higher.”

“Everything about the dinner and the presentation was incredible. There were people there who had only known Van for a few days and she had already positively impacted them in some way. Her ability to hold everyone's attention was fascinating and her ability to connect with people made me want to better myself so I too can impact people the way she does. It was pretty cool to see the similarities between Angus Barn and Acquire, which makes me excited to be part of a company like that.”

- Elijah Perry, Acquire Corporate Trainer

Since opening its doors for business in 1960, Angus Barn has set a number of industry standards. Over the years, Angus Barn has consistently ranked among the top 100 restaurants in the United States and has become one of to country’s 50 highest-grossing independent restaurants. And, while Acquire may not have as many years in business as Angus Barn has, it is working to have a similar impact on its own industry and community.

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