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Employer Quick Look



APT USA Inc is a growing IT professional services firm based in the beautiful city of NY. We focus on providing strategic IT solutions in Cloud, ERP, Enterprise Mobility and Digital Transformations. APT USA serves clients in the public and private sectors, from startups to Fortune Global 500 in Banking & Financial Services, Healthcare, Technology Services, Small & Midsize Firms, Higher Education and State & Local Government. We add value to our clients by aligning business objectives with technology-enabled solutions and enhance their business processes by thoughtful leadership and innovation.

We are committed to assisting both government and commercial clients in meeting the challenges of operating their programs and facilities using the highest technology in a cost-effective manner for today's competitive world. Our ideas and products have resulted in successful technology-intensive initiatives that meet the high-quality standards that our clients require. Our emphasis is on acquiring an in-depth knowledge of our customer needs, and designing solutions that exceed our clients' expectations. We bring to each project a commitment to integrity, responsiveness, and technical excellence through an adherence to sound business practices, and a dedication to quality.

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission
Recruiting excellence for Emerging Markets through the most innovative recruitment solutions, underpinned by diversity, knowledge, credibility and long-term relationships.

Our Vision
We are a business inspired by Vision and underpinned by Values. Leading the Talent Agenda in Emerging Markets as the partner of choice for employees and employers.

Why Us?

Our approach is one that makes a heck-of-a-lot-of sense: Match a job Candidate to a specific position and match a specific position to a job candidate. A CAREER opportunity only exists when the SPECIFICS of a job position play into your strengths-both hard and soft skills-and in a situation where you will thrive over the LONG-TERM

On the flip side, company Hiring Managers also seek candidates that will provide long-term value. APT USA, Inc has created a platform where our team of seasoned, uber-professional Recruiters and Success Managers combine both art and science to determine whether a position is simply a job or an actual career move; and whether YOU and a company are a TRUE fit-a direct hit. We meticulously evaluate both hard and soft skills based on the specific position AND the specific company environment. This is what effective recruiting is all about.

We've learned that both candidate and employer experience during a career transition should be engaging and efficient and concepts such as "unreturned" phone calls, transactional disinterest and a "commission" mind-set are obstacles to a rewarding experience and are antiquated concepts we simply do not subscribe to.