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TreeHouse Foods, Inc.


TreeHouse Foods is a private label food and beverage leader focused on customer brands and custom products. When customers partner with TreeHouse they can expect access to an industry-leading portfolio, strategic vision, on-trend innovation and insights, world-class supply chain, operational excellence and flexibility, collaborative approaches and dedicated customer service.

Our strategy is to be the leading supplier of private label food and beverage products by providing the best balance of quality and cost to our customers. We engage with retail grocery, food away from home and industrial and export customers, including most of the leading grocery retailers and foodservice operators in the United States and Canada.


In order to optimize THS shareholder value, we will:

  • Become the recognized industry leader in private label, customer brands and custom products
  • Grow tall via product innovation, consumer insight, customer partnerships and strategic acquisitions
  • Grow strong through strategic vision, operational excellence, structural consolidation and collaborative teamwork
  • Build competitive advantage through the relentless pursuit of our customersÂ’ needs, lowest cost operations and shareholder returns
  • Live by our values, true to our beliefs, respecting our legacy heritages and uniting them under one roof and culture, while building the TreeHouse of the future
  • Exceed the expectations of our customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders alike

  • May our TreeHouse stand straight and true, rising above branded ancients as the towering symbol of the best in customer brands and custom products.
  • May our TreeHousehold of many cultures expand and prosper through all seasons, united in uncommon customer devotion and unlimited resolve to win.
  • May our TreeHouse endure the test of time, ever growing strong and standing tall.
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TreeHouse Foods, Inc.
2021 Spring Road - Suite 600
Oak Brook, Illinois 60523