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Employer Quick Look

Colony Brands, Inc.

Consumer Products

Colony Brands, Inc. is one of North America’s largest
and most successful direct marketing catalog companies.  Our company has
grown from America’s premier mail-order cheese company to include a diverse
portfolio of affiliates, brands and products ranging from apparel to kitchen
appliances, while maintaining our roots as a private, customer-centric business
based in Monroe, WI.   

If you’re wondering, “Is there a career for me at
Colony Brands, Inc.?”-there most likely is.  With positions stretching
from brand managers to accountants, pastry chefs to IT experts, lab technicians
to clothing buyers we offer a lot of diverse opportunities!  Search our
Career Center to find your position. We are continually recruiting, so if your
field is not currently listed, please complete a resume profile and check the
site often for additional job opportunities. A great career path is waiting for
you at Colony Brands, Inc. and Affiliates!

We are not just about growing our profits; we are about
giving our employees the opportunity for growth and providing a better place to
live and work!  To that end, we generously support the communities we work
in and offer many benefits and programs that support the health and well-being
of our employees.


Health & Wellness:

Everybody is different, and health care needs change as we age and/or grow into families. Our healthcare plan is self-funded and offers major medical coverage, vision, and dental benefits.  3 deductible levels and freedom of choice in medical providers helps employees take a “customized” approach to their individual and family healthcare needs.  Regular status employees are eligible on their first day of employment. 

To assist our employees in obtaining optimal health we offer a number a robust Wellness Program, including:

  • Onsite Healthcare for multiple locations
  • Weight loss programs
  • Tobacco cessation programs
  • Corporate Fitness programs

Paid Time Off:

The company recognizes that employees have diverse needs and should have the opportunity to spend time away from work. To meet those needs, the company has established a Paid Time Off (PTO) program. This program promotes a flexible approach to time off and offers extensive PTO that employees are eligible for immediately. 

So our employees may take advantage of the warm weather with extended weekends, we also offer seven 4-day work weeks in the Spring and Summer!

Retirement Plans:

 Our retirement planning blends a dual-sided approach to maximize your success in retirement, including:

  • A traditional company-funded pension plan
  • 401K plan with a company-match

Employee Development:

It is the policy of the company to encourage self-development and to recognize the need for employees to enhance their job related knowledge and skills through further education.  To maintain our competitive edge and ensure employees are receiving the best possible learning experience, we evaluate and update our Employee Development programs on an annual basis. 

Development opportunities are consist of:

  • Colony Brands University (CBU) courses
  • Tuition Assistance 
  • Professional Development Trainings
  • Lunch-and-Learn Classes

Flexible Spending Accounts:

 Employees can use pre-tax dollars to pay for certain medical or dependent care expenses.

  • Medical Reimbursement Account (125k)
  • Dependent Care Reimbursement Account (129k)

Personal Protection:

Income Disability:

  • A company-paid benefit that provides a steady income in the event of a disability.
  • Short-Term & Long-Term (70% of base monthly pay)

Life Insurance:

Two programs offered that help protect your family from sudden loss of income in the event of your death:

  • Term Life (employee only)
  • Whole Life (employee, spouse, children, grandchildren)

Product Discounts:

As an additional “Thank You” to the people who make Colony Brands, Inc. successful we offer significantly discounted prices to all “active” employees and retirees year-round.  


Tucked in the hills of beautiful Monroe, Wisconsin, The Swiss Colony began in the entrepreneurial spirit of a young Ray Kubly. A smart, enterprising student at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Ray wrote up an advertising campaign that detailed a business that sold cheese by mail.  After graduating, Ray took his class project and began to mold it into reality from the basement of his home in Monroe. In 1926, he mailed out handbills, which he himself designed and stamped, that advertised cuts of Wisconsin-made bulk cheeses. As orders came in, he cut the huge wheels of cheese into pieces, and wrapped and shipped them. Through the 1940s and 50s, interest in the company increased, and so did its size and profits. In 1954, Ray Kubly incorporated The Swiss Colony from the enterprise begun in his basement.

Since then, The Swiss Colony and its affiliated businesses have grown by leaps and bounds, from cheese and food gifts to general merchandise encompassing several different brands.  In 2010 the corporate name of The Swiss Colony, Inc. was changed to Colony Brands, Inc. to better reflect its position as parent company for its extensive portfolio of food and non–food businesses. Today, the company is one of the largest direct marketers in the United States. Colony Brands, Inc. provides customers with furniture and home décor, apparel, entertaining products, gifts and collectibles and much more. The Swiss Colony, LLC subsidiary was formed to continue to sell cheese, pastries, sausage and other food and gift items through the Swiss Colony® catalogs and web site. The company continues to be family–owned and guided by Ray's son, Pat Kubly, who is Chair of the Board, and Ray's grandson, Ryan Kubly, the Director of Strategic Planning. Both the Kubly family and Colony Brands, Inc. as a whole continue to dedicate themselves to their customers, employees and the direct marketing goals set by Ray's fine example.  

Build your future on our remarkable past!