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Employer Quick Look

Summit Consulting

Sales - Marketing, Energy - Utilities - Gas - Electric, Consulting
HQ: Glen Burnie, MD   |   < 100 employees  |  

Summit Consulting is Baltimore’s leading provider in sales and marketing services. Our clients are all industry-leading companies. All of our campaigns are founded upon the premise that relationship-building is the most effective way to do business -- and each campaign is fully customizable to the given client's needs. We are currently working with a 100% pollution free energy provider on an exciting new retail marketing campaign.

We pride ourselves in our ability to train and develop executive teams who never fail to bring our clients their most valued customers. What sets Summit Consulting apart from any other firm is our passion for our people and advancement opportunities. Keep reading to learn more...

Advancement Opportunities at Summit Consulting

When starting a career with our expanding Glen Burnie-based company, new team members are provided with an outline of success along with an advancement plan that is catered specifically to the individual. We’ve listed a few of the highlights of their advancement program for your reading pleasure.

No Seniority – At Summit Consulting all levels of experience and academic backgrounds are accepted. Why? Because with the training that is provided, each individual will be set up for success regardless of what they have done previously. In addition, every employee starts their advancement program in an entry level role, including the (now) senior level Management. This ensures that everyone earns his or her role within the company based on proven performance. The embodiment of fairness.

Mentoring – Since Summit Consulting welcomes entry level proficiency we offer the hands-on leadership necessary to help guide our team members down the right path. In addition to the executive team personally providing daily training, each new employee is provided an in-office mentor to help with the day to day responsibilities. This pairing gives the entry level employee someone that they can learn from who was once in their shoes.

Growth Potential – There is no ceiling when it comes to the growth potential at Summit Consulting. We are not like most corporate structures, where you have to wait for someone to die or retire to take his or her position. In fact, the better results that are brought to clients, the more opportunities that are created for team members to advance. We see it as a triple crown win. (Not the horses, but in business.) Clients are happy, the company is happy and employees are happy.

Careers in Glen Burnie, MD
We are looking for enthusiastic individuals to join our team. Our people are the most interesting and outgoing individuals in the room. And when we are all in the same room...forget about it!

If you've got any sort of background in sports, you'll fit right in with our team! We've got recreational and Division 1 athletes who love hockey, wrestling, track and field, soccer, baseball and basketball. Most of our team members are Philadelphia Eagles fans, while others root for the Baltimore Ravens, Orioles, Penn State football, the Philadelphia Flyers, and even the Washington Capitals.

We operate as a unified team -- but we're also super competitive with each other in a fun way! Whether it's a sword fight with wrapping paper rolls first thing in the morning or an intense game of pool after work, we do our fair share of smack-talking at Summit Consulting.

The atmosphere at Summit Consulting is fairly laid back and this team is always laughing and poking fun at each other. The energy and excitement are always high -- and not just on the days that our president brings in food! The team is close-knit and enjoys what is commonly referred to as a "family bond" -- which is something that undoubtedly sets us apart from most corporate environments.

If you're pumped about kicking off an exciting career and you're looking to do it along like-minded, competitive people...
Summit Consulting might be a great fit for you.
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400 Renfro Dr #105 
Glen Burnie, MD 21060