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Employer Quick Look

Campaign Development Corporation

Sales - Marketing, Consulting, Advertising
HQ: Tampa, FL   |   < 100 employees  |  
Bulletin Board
12/1/2017 - In It To Win It with Ianik - New Blog Alert!
We are a firm that is determined to succeed and we wouldn't be able to achieve our goals without the leadership talents of our team members! One leader has outdone himself this month, Ianik! Our dedicated, ambitious, and resilient Haitian native has continuously worked hard throughout his life and aims to reach success! We believe in you, Ianik! Read more about his ambitious and his story on our blog.
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11/26/2017 - What Does Campaign Development Corp Do?
If you're preparing to apply or interview with our company, this video is for you! Hit play and check out the services, mission, and career opportunities available to those working at Campaign Development Corp! Good luck and we hope to see you at an interview soon!
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10/20/2017 - We Keep Getting Better & Better!
Our amazing team at Campaign Development Corporation just won "Best of Tampa's" award! A special congratulations to every team member, you all have earned this incredible recognition! To celebrate reaching our goals we wrote a blog! Read about our award and how we continue to keep winning!
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9/17/2017 - We made a MOVIE!!
We made a commitment the second half of 2017 to become more social, and we are following up on that promise with our first YouTube video EVER! Take a list as 8 of our Campaign Development Corp team members share their testimonials and reviews about working in our Tampa office! You don't want to miss this...
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8/31/2017 - The charismatic, fashionista of CDCorp
There's nothing we enjoy more than bragging about our people and giving them a platform to share about their experiences working with Campaign Development Corporation! Read more about team member, Michelle, and her story with our organization!
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8/18/2017 - All About Alisha
We're always raving about our team members, and this month is no different! Read all about our Human Resources Recruiter, Alisha, her love for EDM concerts, pit bulls, New York, and working at Campaign Development Corporation!
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7/29/2017 - Campaign Development Corporation Travels
From Austin to New Orleans, the Dominican Republic and tons of places in between, Campaign Development Corporation is a travelin' team! Read all about the reason for our business trips and what we experienced in the blog below!
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Campaign Development Corporation is a thriving marketing & sales consulting firm in Tampa, Florida. We are honored to represent top-name industry leaders in the wireless/cellular telecommunications field and provide them with proven customer acquisition services. Our face-to-face sales approach creates stronger customer relationships, and with the use of personalized campaigns, an increase in brand recognition is inevitable! Our professionalism, integrity, and commitment differentiates us from our competitors and makes us, Campaign Development Corporation, the ones to beat! For results as high as the Florida heat, Campaign Development Corporation is the firm for you. 

Our commitment to continuous leadership development for our team is why Campaign Development Corporation is thriving 5 years later! When you base your ideals of integrity, high ethics, and hiring the best talent, it's easy to find success. Within our Management Training Program, we allow entry level candidates sufficient training in the marketing and sales field so in 12-18 months they have the opportunity to manage and oversee an independent office outside of Tampa!

What's the company culture like at Campaign Development Corporation?

Committed - Here at Campaign Development Corporation, we commit to delivering exceptional results, working hard, and treating people right. Afterall, 

Team Spirited - When a 9 AM-5 PM isn't enough time to spend with your team members, that's how you know they've family! Imagine doing what you love all day and getting to hang out with really cool people you enjoy and motivate you!

Leadership/Growth Focused - Ongoing leadership development is always available at Campaign Development Corporation. Why? Because we truly believe in promoting internally and training from entry level into management, not hiring into management.

Philanthropic - Above everything else, Campaign Development Corporation has a bigger purpose - the community. We believe giving back is essential and are thrilled to make a difference to our local and national charities. With our collaborative and competitive nature, fundraising is always fun and the reward in donating to programs like Operation Smile, is the greatest prize.
Career Opportunities
Interested in joining the Campaign Development Corporation team?

Here at Campaign Development Corporation, "we connect people because nothing else matters."

We connect our team members to fulfilling, challenging career opportunities, complete with ample growth and travel. Within our Management Training Program specifically, entry level candidates are trained in all areas of marketing, sales, and leadership development. Within only 12-18 months, entry-level candidates have the opportunity to manage an office outside of Florida and oversee a team of 20+ individuals.

Available Career Opportunities:

- Entry Level Account Representative
- Entry Level Sales
- Entry Level Recruiter
- Human Resources Manager
- Management Trainee
- Marketing/Sales

Contact Us
Main Office:
505 N Reo St., Suite 108
Tampa, FL 33609

(813) 289-6140


  • Name: Michelle D.
    Title: Team Member
    Employee Since: 2016

    "I started working at Campaign Development Corp after completing my Bachelors and to be honest, its been one of the best decisions I've made in my career. Not only have I gained so much experience at so many different levels that I'm grateful for, most importantly the people that I work with are great and I love the culture. We are all very like-minded and always looking to help each other out. The management team has mentored me to help me grow professionally. I'm glad to be a part of the team as a family and have finally found where I belong to be successful."

  • Name: Theresa K.
    Title: Human Resources Consultant
    Employee Since: 2017

    "Great management opportunity available to each employee! Competitive yet supportive environment. Fun and team-based culture!"

  • Name: Alexis R.
    Title: Account Executive
    Employee Since: 2017

    "I love working here. I only started a short time ago, but hands down this has been the most rewarding career opportunity I have had in a while. I work hard here but I definitely go home happy and am excited to grow here."