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Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Center, Inc.


Sacred Heart is a not-for-profit behavioral healthcare organization with a legacy of serving those with the greatest need and the fewest resources dating to 1967. Our commitment to charitable service of the highest quality marks us as a unique and valuable community resource.

Sacred Heart provides an extensive array of behavioral health services including substance use disorder prevention and treatment, mental illness treatment and HIV/AIDS prevention and care management. Our integrated continuum of substance use disorder treatment services features a blend of professional therapeutic techniques with the principles of the 12-Step movement and includes detoxification, residential and outpatient services. We also offer a full continuum of specialized services for women, including women who must bring children into treatment with them; this continuum includes residential, outpatient, case management and supportive housing. Sacred Heart offers a variety of medication assisted treatment options for individuals addicted to opiates. Our AIDS Care Program offers preventive education, testing, counseling, patient navigation, housing and basic needs assistance.



1967 • Founded in Detroit, Michigan.
1972 • Added medical detoxification services.
1976 • Acquired residential facility in Richmond, Michigan and began providing services to women as well as men.
1980 • Started treating additional addictions other than alcohol.
1981 • Achieved national accreditation.
1986 • Began providing outpatient services by opening an office in Detroit, MI.
1996 • Opened an outpatient office in Warren, MI.
1997 • Sold Detroit residential property to make way for Ford Field and moved our HQ to Richmond, MI.
2003 • Acquired Clearview, a specialty women’s and children’s residential service, and recovery housing located in Port Huron, MI.
2003 • Began providing women’s specialty services for women, pregnant women and women with children, and recovery housing to women.
2004 • Expanded Clearview by adding outpatient services.
2004 • Opened a site in Flint, MI providing outpatient services.
2005 • Started an inpatient and outpatient Medication Assisted TX program which includes pregnant women.
2006 • Acquired Bay Area Social Intervention Services, Inc. (BASIS), in Bay City, MI, which specializes in HIV/AIDS care services.
2006 • Began providing outpatient HIV/AIDS care services in Bay City, MI. Changed BASIS named to Bay City Outpatient.
2006 • Began providing addictions outpatient services in Bay City, MI.
2007 • Committed to major building renovation and expansion project.
2007 • Opened a site in Algonac and a site in New Haven, MI.
2007 • Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Center Inc., celebrated its 40th anniversary.
2007 • Acquired New Life Home for Recovering Women in Detroit, MI.
2009 • Expanded New Life Home for Recovering Women by adding outpatient services.
2010 • Moved the Bay City outpatient services to a new office , located in Bay City, MI.
2010 • Opened a site in Saginaw, MI offering HIV/AIDS care services.
2010 • Clearview expanded outpatient service to men as well as women.
2010 • Received Women Friendly Workplace Award from Macomb County Commission on Women.
2010 • Opened a site in Madison Heights, MI to expand outpatient Medication Assisted TX.
2011 • Flint Outpatient expands and adds outpatient Medication Assisted TX services.
2012 • Sacred Heart rehabilitation Center, Inc. celebrated its 45th anniversary.
2012 • Added new admission wing with lobby, offices and conference room to the Richmond, MI campus.
2012 • Opened a new Clearview-women and children specialty facility on the Richmond, MI campus.
2012 • Former Clearview transitions to Port Huron Outpatient and expands outpatient.
2013 • Expanded housing services by opening recovery housing in the former Clearview building for Women.
2013 • Expanded space at Saginaw Outpatient.
2014 • Closed Warren Outpatient.
2014 • Added a second site in Genesee County.
2014 • Opened a new location in Berrien County, Serenity Hills.
2014 • Began providing detoxification services at Serenity Hills.
2015 • Paula Nelson, succeeds Grady Wilkinson who was the Sacred Heart President/CEO for 13 years.
2015 • Closed New Life Home for Recovering Women
2015 • Began providing detoxification services at Clearview.
2015 • Began providing Peer Support Services at the Richmond, Madison Hts. and Port Huron location.

Mission, Vision & Values

Mission Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Center is dedicated to assisting all people with behavioral health issues, including those with limited means, to improve their quality of life.

Vision Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Center will provide the best outcome driven, evidence based, cost effective behavioral health care in North America.

Values Integrity:

We adhere to the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct.


We accept and uphold our full responsibility to our clients, community, staff, and organization.

Customer Services:

We will relentlessly focus on identifying and servicing the needs of our customers.


We will honor, nurture, and respond to the difference

Philosophy of Care

Philosophy of Care

Sacred Heart offers a broad continuum of top quality, evidence-based services to treat behavioral health disorders, provided in a variety of settings. We believe that each of our clients, regardless of financial status, should have the right care, at the right time and in the right setting.

At Sacred Heart we believe that addiction to drugs and/or alcohol is a progressive disease that affects not only the addicted individual but those with whom he or she interacts, particularly friends and family. We believe addictions to be treatable through a comprehensive course of professional therapy, education and support individually tailored to the needs of each client served and his or her family.

All of our services blend professional therapeutic techniques with the principles and practices of the 12 Step self-help movement.

The services of Sacred Heart are rooted in the following principles:

  • Sacred Heart is an inclusive provider of services and attempts to remove financial, cultural, racial, ethnic, gender, age, lifestyle or other irrelevant barriers to any individual receiving the treatment he or she needs.

  • The principles of honesty and personal responsibility are essential foundations for lasting recovery and must be modeled by staff and accepted by clients.

  • The individual path to recovery begins with the acceptance of the disorder and a desire to change the behaviors associated with it.

  • Recovery is personal and each client's personal plan for recovery must reflect his or her individuality.

  • The readiness of each client for the changes necessary for lasting recovery must be recognized and become an integral part of his or her personal plan for recovery.

  • Addiction is a disease with a variety of symptoms, such as denial, shame, displacement, resistance and relapse, and these symptoms must be managed clinically, not punitively.

  • Family members, significant others and/or loved ones should be involved in each client's personal plan for recovery as appropriate to the client's specific circumstances.

  • Sustained recovery requires a course of therapy that encompasses multiple levels of care provided in a multiple treatment settings.

  • Peer support and gratitude are essential parts of sustained recovery and Alumni of Sacred Heart in sustained recovery and their respective family members will be encouraged to provide such support to current clients and family members.

All of our services blend professional therapeutic techniques with the principles and practices of the 12 Step self-help movement. Each client is provided with a comprehensive bio-psycho-social assessment that culminates in the determination of an appropriate level of care, using the American Society of Addictions Medicine Patient Placement Criteria and a multi-axial diagnosis, using the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual IV-R. The assessment also serves as the foundation for assisting the client in developing a Master Treatment Plan which outlines the mutually agreed-upon course of therapy to be provided over the full episode of care, not simply the current level of care. Sacred Heart has adopted framework of the "change readiness" model, attempting to fit the treatment planning to each specific client's readiness to accept them and employing motivational interviewing techniques to raise that readiness level. The treatment plan for each individual client will call for a specific blend of group therapy, individual therapy, specialty groups, didactic educational offerings and peer support matched to his or her needs and change readiness. During the course of treatment the client is provided with frequent dimensional reviews using the ASAM criteria and the Master Treatment Plan is updated accordingly.


Continuum of Care Services

Sacred Heart has an emphasis on movement of a client across a continuum of services in multiple levels of care. Sacred Heart coordinates with the providers of subsequent levels of care for clients completing any of our programs to assure continuity in the treatment process.

Detoxification Services

Sacred Heart addresses the need for safe, medically monitored detoxification that stems from the dangerous physical symptoms that can accompany withdrawal. Depending on the nature of the drug of choice, the pattern of use and the medical history of the client, withdrawal

can be traumatic to critical body functions and systems. We can treat the symptoms of withdrawal in a safe environment that is equipped

and staffed for the effective management of those symptoms. Providing these necessary elements we can assist a client in completing a safe detoxification.

Residential Inpatient Services

The residential programs are individually tailored to each client to break the chemical dependency cycle, develop the awareness of the need for

abstinence and initiate an individual into a program of recovery. These programs can include lectures, interactive educational groups, group therapy, individual therapy, self-help groups, didactics groups, specialty groups and recreational activities. Along with scheduled meals and snacks, an assessment of dietary specialty needs will be conducted, as needed.

Women's Specialty Services

Sacred Heart offers women’s specific services in an all-female service environment which is free from the distractions of a co-ed facility. Sacred Heart is the largest woman’s specialty services provider in Michigan. We have the ability to provide short and long term residential inpatient, outpatient services, independent living apartments and supportive housing between our two programs: New Life Home for Recovering Women and Clearview. Sacred Heart women’s specialty services incorporate a variety of health, parenting, child care, case management, specialized medical care and additional services with a course of substance abuse treatment.

Outpatient Services

Sacred Heart provides outpatient behavioral health services for mental health and substance use disorders for adults, family, children,adolescents, older adults, veterans, and court treatment services at several locations throughout Michigan.The services offer a course of treatment as an alternative to residential care or continuing treatment for individuals who have completed residential care. These services are specifically tailored to promote the recovery of each individual client.

Medication Assisted Treatment

Sacred Heart provides innovative, non-traditional outpatient medication-assisted opiate treatment programs that are integrated into greater

health and wellness oriented services for adult men and women, including opiate dependent pregnant women.

Research has clearly established that methadone replacement therapy, when done well and ethically, is the most efficacious approach to initiating sustained recovery for certain individuals.


“If it wasn’t for Sacred Heart and the support of my family, I don’t think I would be here today.”

These words are typical of the hundreds of clients who have received help through the HIV/ AIDS Care Program since its beginnings in 1988.

For over two decades, we have provided free, confidential care services to men, women and children living with HIV/AIDS.



Supportive Independent Living

Sacred Heart provides a successful transition to the community with housing that is safe, secure, and free of substances. Housing is low cost, substance-free environment with a level of peer supervision and support for recovery. We offer the supportive independent living for women and women with children whom are engaged in our outpatient continuum of care services.

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