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Employer Quick Look

Johnson Matthey

5,000 - 10,000 employees  |  
Johnson Matthey is an international speciality chemicals company, founded almost 200 years ago in London. Technology leadership forms the basis of our strategy to deliver superior long term growth.

A leader in sustainable technologies, many of the group’s products enhance the quality of life of millions through their beneficial impact on the environment, human health and wellbeing.

The world has changed a lot since Johnson Matthey’s foundation in 1817. From its early days as a precious metals assayer, the company has always sought to build on its strengths and respond to changing global needs. Today the group continues to apply its expertise in science and innovation to develop world leading products and technologies for customers around the world.
What we Do
We focus on clean air, clean energy and low carbon technologies and are experts in the application and recycling of precious metals. Our principal activities are:

  •     Manufacturing autocatalysts, heavy duty diesel catalysts and pollution control systems
  •     Providing catalysts and components for fuel cells
  •     Supplying catalysts and technologies for chemical processes
  •     Producing fine chemicals, chemical catalysts and active pharmaceutical ingredients
  •     Marketing, refining and fabricating precious metals.

Johnson Matthey has operations in over 30 countries and employs around 11,000 people. Our products and services are sold across the world to a wide range of advanced technology industries.
Our People
We try to promote internally from within Johnson Matthey and encourage all our employees to achieve their full career potential. We are proud of our low levels of labour turnover and the high degree of personal loyalty which our employees show to the company.

As a global company, we have a diverse workforce and we value that diversity on all our sites. We are an equal opportunities employer and welcome employees who meet the requirements of the job, regardless of gender, ethnic origin, disability, age, religion or sexual orientation.

To keep our businesses growing and to provide our customers with the services and products they need, we’re looking for ambitious and versatile graduates to join us in roles such as:

  •     Research and Technology
  •     Development and Production
  •     Sales and Marketing
  •     Finance, HR and IT.