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Employer Quick Look


Since 1987, ProDrivers has been the leading transportation services company in the U.S. We specialize in CDL Class A and B drivers. We dispatch over 1500 drivers daily to over 1000 companies. As a result, ProDrivers has designed time-proven, tailored programs to meet the needs of our clients.

Our driver relations experts are focused on understanding the unique needs of the many types of drivers and equipment that make up this industry segment. We build relationships with our drivers and act as their “career agent” to best understand their capabilities and thus better match them to what our client needs.
Our drivers can expect the very best. Along with respect we offer:
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Competitive Wages
  • Group Rate Medical Insurance and Other Benefits
  • Variety of Driving Assignments
  • Variety of Shifts
  • About Us
    We Listen
    ProDrivers can help you locate the perfect truck driving assignment with top trucking companies that meet your personal and professional needs.

    We Solve
    ProDrivers can provide you with qualified CDL drivers and flexible driver solutions to keep your transportation group moving.

    We Deliver
    ProDrivers focuses on truly understanding both our clients' and drivers' needs and we deliver on our promises.

    ProDrivers Can Put You On The Road To A New Career

    We are proud to offer an exciting place to work along with an experienced dispatch team to help you along the way.

    You are becoming part of an organization with a proud tradition of excellence in serving professional drivers throughout North America. Over the years ProDrivers has been listening to our drivers and clients alike so that we can provide meaningful and rewarding opportunities that last!

    The respect we show our drivers starts the minute you walk through our door. Our in-depth interviewing and employee orientation acquaints an applicant with ProDrivers, and helps determine the type of driving job the prospective employee will enjoy doing.
    "I have been with ProDrivers for a number of years now and have found my employment
    with them an excellent experience.

    Kim Heins has worked with me to keep my pay up while making sure I had time off to handle family matters as I am a single father of four. One of the nicest things is she listens to my complaints even those some are unfounded and acts to fix or repair the ones that are as she keeps me informed of there progress.

    The overall staff is excellent as they know when it is time to get serious and time to lighten up to make the whole environment a pleasure to work in.

    I personal would be the first to recommend to any driver to check into ProDrivers for employment whether it for full or part time driving as the jobs vary and the benefits are also good."
    -John Bylander
    -9800+ Hours with ProDrivers

    "I have been with ProDrivers as long as I have because their staff is great.

    ProDrivers is very flexible in providing drivers with the hours necessary to maintain a healthy income.

    ProDrivers provides a number of client positions for those who prefer different job experiences.

    I am one of those drivers who gets tired of the everyday boredom that is related with being at the same place day after day."
    -Joseph Feliciano
    -6200+ Hours with ProDrivers