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McKinney Drilling

McKinney Drilling Company was founded in 1937 by the late Jack & Richard McKinney. Primarily in the road and bridge construction business, the brothers saw a need to improve and expedite the foundations of bridges they were constructing. Before McKinney Drilling Company, all piers and foundations were large square piers dug by hand. With the help of long time friend Hugh B. Williams, the brothers helped pioneer and develop the mechanized drilling machine used throughout the industry today.

From the need to improve the quality and increased production of bridge foundations, McKinney Drilling Company has become the leading drilled shaft foundation company in North America. Our large and competent staff of engineers and technicians are strategically located throughout North America. Along with one of the largest fleets of modern drilling equipment in the world, McKinney Drilling Company has a large trained staff to insure your projects are done safely and efficiently.
McKinney Drilling Company is perpetually looking for a competent workforce. Once obtaining a "Key Employee" field status, we offer competitive Health Benefits & Retirement plans.
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