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Employer Quick Look

Blossman Gas

Blossman Gas, Inc. was founded in 1951 by E.W. "Woody" Blossman, who applied his own philosophy and standards to the propane industry. From the beginning, the company adhered to the following Corporate Philosophy:

    "Blossman Gas exists for the benefit of its employees, and the progress of the company depends on the employees rendering superior service to its customers. In dealing with employees and customers, one must always keep in mind that every individual is a human being and should be treated with compassion."

That philosophy, and the combined efforts of its employees, has enabled Blossman Gas to become the largest independent propane dealer in the nation with over 70 branches in eight southeastern states.
When you become an employee of Blossman Gas, you join a very special group of people who believe in teamwork and providing safe, reliable and superior service at all times. The workplace can best be described as people helping people, both fellow employees and the customers we serve.
Blossman Gas offers an outstanding benefits package including:
  • Medical/Dental/Vision
  • Life Insurance/Disability
  • Vacation Homes
  • Christmas Bonus
  • Profit Sharing Bonus
  • 401K
  • Beneflex medical expense and child care non-tax reserve
  • Employee Gas Pricing
  • Merchandise Discounts

By existing for our employees and providing superior service to our customers, Blossman Gas can grow and prosper to benefit our people, the people we serve, and our community. We are committed to safety, customer service, teamwork, and the highest standards in our industry.

As a full service propane dealer, Blossman Gas provides propane to homes, farms, commercial and industrial establishments. We rent propane storage tanks, install piping, propane appliances and equipment; convert vehicles to operate on propane motor fuel; provide Safety Checks; service and repair natural and propane gas appliances and sell parts.

Each branch is also a retailer of brand name electric and gas appliances including refrigerators and freezers, dishwashers, microwaves, heaters, gas logs, gas fireplaces, washer/dryers, outdoor appliances and more! Browse our website for the full product lines available.
Blossman Gas & Appliance
Blossman Gas operates on the premise that every individual is an important human being, and should be treated with fairness and compassion. We try to provide working conditions, performance standards, company policies, and recognition programs that provide the individual with freedom, within a structured environment, to contribute to the success of Blossman Gas by performing to the ultimate level of his individual abilities.

Blossman Gas believes and adheres to an Equal Opportunity Employment Policy at all times.