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Employer Quick Look

DialAmerica, Inc.

Sales - Marketing
2,500 - 5,000 employees  |  
DialAmerica is one of the nation’s largest teleservices companies and has been setting the industry standard for over 50 years. We are headquartered in Mahwah, New Jersey and have over 20 call centers from coast to coast.

Over 3,800 DialAmerica employees work for a diverse portfolio of clients in multiple industry sectors including financial services, consumer products, communications, healthcare, pharmaceutical, technology, energy, government and fundraising. We make and receive over 200 million consumer and business contacts annually.

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At DialAmerica, you’ll find a culture that is committed to the success of our employees. We prize the individual, celebrate the team and recognize that at every level of the company we all play a role in our clients’ and our company’s success. We believe our supportive teams and professional, dedicated managers truly inspire each individual to excel as part of the team.

Within our workforce you’ll team with some of the best and brightest in the business. Although from many different backgrounds, our associates are united by common values and a passion to deliver high quality solutions for our clients. Whether you are a retiree, an employee looking for a second income, a recent college grad, a sales specialist or a mom returning to the work force, you are a valued member of the DialAmerica family.
Why DialAmerica?

Our employees will tell you we are the best job in town! With flexible work schedules, competitive compensation and amazing growth opportunities we invite you to bring your skills and expertise to our team. For the following reasons and more, DialAmerica attracts agents from all walks of life. We call these the DialAmerica differentiators:

Opportunity - At DialAmerica, we believe in promoting people from within. In fact over 90 percent of our contact center management team and 62 percent of our headquarters management team began their careers as agents. Our employees find that we can provide numerous opportunities that go well beyond where they started at the company.

Flexibility - While we have both part and full-time opportunities, we recognize that a part-time career is a preference for most of our employees. We work with you to determine the right schedule and offer programs to help you balance your work and personal obligations. At DialAmerica, we have morning or evening shifts that cater to your lifestyle needs.

Family Atmosphere - Family owned and operated by the Conways for more then 50 years, DialAmerica maintains a family-business heritage that extends to every employee.
We foster a supportive work environment to help all members of our family succeed.

Performance Based Pay - At DialAmerica we want our people to give their best at all times. We know that for this to happen we need to create an inclusive environment that rewards and recognizes their achievement and underscores the value of their contributions. With a structured base salary and DialAmerica’s generous incentive plans, employees can earn top dollar in a family-oriented environment dedicated to their success and personal growth. We go out of our way to show our agents that they are highly valued. Our recognition programs help employees set tangible goals and add a layer of motivation and fun!
Career Opportunities
No matter where you start at DialAmerica, you’ll find that we are a company that recognizes talent. Individuals that demonstrate drive, ambition and skill are promoted and have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

DialAmerica encourages you to follow your own career path. We offer an array of multi-tier advancement opportunities across our contact centers, and at our corporate headquarters in Mahwah, N.J. No matter where you are in your professional life, there is an opportunity here for you to reach your full potential. Experienced sales professionals are always welcome and entry-level candidates are encouraged to apply.

Here’s a sampling of career opportunities available at DialAmerica:

Contact Center Agent
Contact center agents are the front line for DialAmerica’s clients. They initiate and / or receive customer calls on behalf of nationally recognized companies, organizations and non-profits.

Operations managers lead teams of agents to meet and exceed client goals. positions include Team Leader, Shift Manager, Assistant Manager and Manager.

Training & Development
Training staff oversees the education, development and retention of our agents to meet staffing and performance objectives and to improve agent performance. Positions range from Training Coordinator to Training Manager.

Recruiters identify talented individuals to join the DialAmerica family and develop effective recruitment and staffing processes, strategies, policies and procedures.
Positions range from Employment Coordinator to Recruiting Manager.

Administration & Call Center Support
There are a variety of critical functions that support our call centers, including Administrative Assistant, Scheduler and Account Administrator.