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Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC,

2,500 - 5,000 employees  |  
1869: Westinghouse Air Brake Company established in Wilmerding, Pa., to manufacture air brakes invented by George Westinghouse.

1924: Westinghouse air brake system including Broussouse compressor applied to International Harvester Coach in Akron, Oh.

1927: Bendix Corporation formed by automotive engineer Vincent Bendix. Company produces "Safety Servo" vacuum brake under the Braggs-Kliesrath name.

1930: Bendix-Westinghouse Automotive Air Brake Company established following the merger of Bendix Corp. and Westinghouse Automotive Air Brake. Headquarters located in Wilmerding, Pa.

1934: Bendix-Westinghouse takes automotive air brake worldwide by establishing licensing agreements with Westinghouse companies in France, Germany, Italy and England.

1941: Bendix-Westinghouse establishes new headquarters in Elyria, Oh.

1949: WWII accelerates developments, and air braking becomes standard on all heavy trucks, tractor-trailers, buses, fire trucks and off-highway vehicles.

1960: Automatic slack adjusters, air dryers, dual brake valves and first generation antilock braking systems are under development.

1969: Bendix Corporation acquires 100 percent ownership of Bendix-Westinghouse.

1973: Bendix-Westinghouse becomes Bendix Heavy Vehicle Systems Group, a division of Bendix Corporation.

1975: Bendix dual air brake system becomes standard for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 121.

1980: Bendix establishes worldwide parts distribution center and remanufacturing operation in Huntington, In.

1982: Bendix Corporation merges with Allied Corporation and the division becomes an operating unit of Allied Automotive, an independent supplier to the worldwide automotive industry under the brand names of Bendix®, Fram® and Autolite®.

1986: The Bendix Heavy Vehicle Systems Group of Allied merges with Bendix Limited European truck air brake operation establishing Bendix Heavy Vehicle Systems Group-Europe. Allied Corporation acquires Signal operations establishing AlliedSignal Inc. as the division's parent company.

1989: Bendix Heavy Vehicle Systems Group-Europe acquires truck air brake operation of Magneti Marelli, strengthening European operations.

1999: AlliedSignal merges with Honeywell International. The new company continues to offer Bendix® brand name air brake and control systems and components under its Honeywell Commercial Vehicle Systems unit. Honeywell operates Honeywell Commercial Vehicle Systems as a joint venture with Knorr-Bremse AG of Munich, Germany. Honeywell owns 65 percent of the unit. Knorr-Bremse owns 35 percent.
2002: Knorr-Bremse assumes 100 percent ownership of Honeywell Commercial Vehicle Systems from Honeywell International Inc. The company changes its legal name to Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC.
Career Opportunities

Genuine Replacement Parts Distribution Added in Russia; Far East May Be Next

ELYRIA, Ohio – March 22, 2006 – Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC and Bendix
Spicer Foundation Brake LLC
added a full line of genuine air and foundation brake replacement
parts distribution in Russia to satisfy the needs of a rapidly growing population of U.S. trucks in
the St. Petersburg and Moscow markets.
Company officials estimate there are 10,000-15,000 American-made trucks on the roads
today in Russia with an annual growth rate of 30 to 50 percent. Russian fleets are finding that
second- and third-ownership U.S. trucks, primarily Navistar® and Freightliner®, are far less
complex than European trucks and more dependable than Russian vehicles.
Finding reliable and available replacement parts for these American-made trucks is a
lingering challenge that Bendix hopes to rectify.
“Russian fleets have trouble finding parts, period,” said Don Orrell, global aftermarket
liaison for Bendix. “Some high-runner replacement parts come from knockoffs, or “pirates” as
they’re called in Russia, and others from reliable, original equipment sources, but only through a
long and complex process.
“We’ve established distribution through an independent aftermarket source with several
locations and service centers throughout Russia, giving fleets easy access to genuine, OEquality
The combined Bendix and Bendix Spicer Foundation Brake organizations are actively
seeking out overseas locations with a U.S. truck platform influence to set up similar distribution

Bendix Fulfills Aftermarket Parts Needs in Far Reaches of World

March 22, 2006
networks. It’s currently developing contacts and studying market conditions in multiple Far East
countries that fit this profile.
“Expanding beyond North America is very much a natural extension of our continued
commitment to telling the genuine parts story,” Orrell said. “By not using genuine replacement
parts, from compressors, dryers, valves and components for anti-lock braking to wheel end
parts like pads, brake chambers and slack adjusters, fleets assume huge risks, not only in
performance of critical air and foundation brake components, but also in safety. Non-genuine
parts can cause increased wear to other components, lead to premature part failure and
increase stopping distance. In Russia, however, fleets historically have not had much of a
choice. They have had to use whatever they could get their hands on. We aim to change those
circumstances by offering them timely, dependable, OE-quality replacement air and all-makes
foundation brake parts for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles from a source they can trust.”
We will become the leading worldwide supplier of active vehicle safety systems within the commercial vehicle industry.
  • AD-IS Air Dryer
  • Brake Valve Actuator - 85
  • XVision® - Night Vision System
  • Air Compressors
  • Air Disc Brakes
  • Air Dryers
  • Air Valves
  • ABS Valves
  • Antilock Braking Systems
  • AutoBrake Modular System
  • Bendix® ABS Diagnostic Tools
  • Bendix Trailer Products
  • Brake Block
  • Brake Chambers
  • DuraFlo 596 Air Compressor
  • Electronic Engine Accessories
  • EverFlow™ Air Dryer Control Module
  • Fan Clutches
  • Foundation Brakes
  • Heavy Duty Brake Linings
  • Hydraulics
  • Indicating & Warning Devices
  • Modular Systems
  • PuraGuard System Filter
  • Reservoirs
  • Slack Adjusters
  • Spring Brakes
  • Trailer System-Guard™ Air Dryer
Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems
901 Cleveland Street
Elyria, Ohio 44035
Phone: 1-800-AIR-BRAKE
Phone: (440) 329-9000
Fax: (440) 329-9557